How much does it Cost for a Taxi

What does it cost for a taxi?

Many New Yorkers complain about the rising cost of taxis, but many don't really understand the economy behind the cars. Here is how we can help you....

I am Michael Laskow and I am very lucky to have been working in the musical industry for more than thirty years. Aim for your own stereo.... Take it to the right person who needs it! The attempt to licence or "sell" your song by spending it to any publishing house, record company, or movie & TV scorekeeper you find doesn't work for two reasons:

1 ) Most of them do not tolerate unrequested musical activity that does not come from those whose ear they trusted. Records companies, publishers and film & TV musicians tell us what kind of songs, instrumental tracks and artists they currently need - then we'll tell you. If you see a game for your own use, please let us know and our A&R staff will pre-check it for the business that needs it.

When your tunes are focused and great, we mail them. Because your tunes come from a trustworthy business resource (that's us!), your tunes are in demand. A lot less than you would pay for a journey to LA, NY or Nashville or a few lessons with a musical lawyer! Different musical convention costs up to $600 per people.

Come with us to the rally and join us in meeting top musicians from Film & Television, Production Markets, Library Executive, Publishing, Producers, Manager, and A&R's high-ranking Major and Indie Label staff who will give you true responses to your queries and talk from their heart. There is no lack of places where you can have your tunes hosted on the web, but don't you think it's getting late to put your tunes into the parking lot of the companies that actually hear them?

Obtaining impartial, granular feed-back from Hollywood musical directors, song writers, A&R folks, editors, and disc makers is invaluable. Most of our members email us essential demonstrations and use our feedbacks to get their song in form before sending it to publishing houses, musical collections, and publishing houses. So why bide your time until your website's editors and editors trip up and fight for the favor of hundreds of millions of other song writers, performers, and performers?

It is also recommended to call the Better Business Bureau at 909-825-7280 or go to and click on "check out a company". You could hear the members' songs in practically every networking area. Over 900 businesses have asked for our members' tunes, among them........ F: Who are your A&R employees? They have been vice presidents and director of A&R at big label venues, publishing houses, Grammy-awarded song writers and record label editors, Hollywood musical advisors and programme managers for top broadcast channels.

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Someone from A&R can hardly believe to say: "Man, I really loved this kind of stuff, but this demonstration was only made on a four tracks, I think I'll do it. F: Do I only get one opportunity to submit my soundtrack? Every year they receive more than 1,200 possibilities in almost every imaginable musical style.

Every two weeks you will receive an update of our Industry Listings. But we also offer possibilities where the folks from the labels or publishers come to us and filter the stuff themselves! $5 seems to focus on their best shot. F: If I submit my entire CD with 12 tracks, do I have to make a registration payment of $60?

No. Registration fee is between $5 and $15, depending on how many tracks you are asked to submit in the list. F: Isn't there too much rivalry for me to wait for my chosen one? And the best and most suitable song is always sent to the firm that asked for it, no difference how many there are.

F: Can I register as a publisher, manager or producer and provide materials for multiple individuals as part of my subscription? If you have already done so, you can enter any song you have composed or recorded, but you cannot enter it for a friend. One year of full memberships only costs $299.95.

To give you a little idea, a top musical lawyer will cost you more than $300 for the first lesson! One way flights to L.A., N.Y. or Nashville can cost you more than your membercharge. F: How long does my subscription last? F: How much does it cost to extend my subscription?

But if you don't make the running, you have no chances to gain. There is no way we can lose our sector relations by letting members divide them with others who could act less than professionally. Consent to promote your tunes only on occasions with high playing potential:

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