Flight Routes around the World

Air routes around the world

When you plan to fly to three or more destinations, this means that you can get all your flights on a single ticket for one price. Air routes around the world We show the 50 most congested airport in the world on a single card. Of the almost 100 million travellers at Atlanta Airport to 239 a day Frankfurt flies over 86 million in Beijing or 73 million in London. Geo-strategic equilibria are shifting worldwide; perhaps the most important is the shift in the balance between the Atlantic-Pacific avenue.

Recent conflict, such as the Ukrainian conflict or the ISIS conflict, are making old flight routes impassable and compelling airline strategic planners to switch routes and turnstiles to new ones. This all has implications for the aviation industry's worldwide aviation networks. The development of new trans-Siberian routes from Northern Eurasia to the Far East is strong: this accounts for the unbelievable ascent of Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport to a new turnstile.

New northern equivalent routes are also being created: the passage from Europe to the Far East leads to the southern hemisphere and makes Dubai Airport the most important gateway for Arab states. Transits to the Pacific are on the rise: Japan's, China's and the US's western coastal ports continue to be among the most dynamic in the world, but Licenciado Benito Juarez in Mexico and Guarulhos in Sao Paulo have also expanded their links with the Far East, rewarding the growing importance of the axis as a growing global alternative to the Atlantic.

Along with the USA, Europe was the core of the world' s aviation networks, as it was a strong hub for France and England in their former colonies. Somehow this meaning has started to dematerialise, leading to a more networked system (as in the case of Africa) that is not necessarily dependent on either Europe or America hub.

Charles de Gaulle has lost its importance, while the London Heathrow and Gatwick still keep their crowns among the world's most important junctions. But it is Frankfurt am Main International Airport that has developed into a real centre of Europe. Adolfo Suárez from Madrid has also experienced an upswing thanks to his specialisation in routes to Latin America.

Although the net growth of intra-African traffic is maintained and there has been an increase in interconnection between Africa's hub countries (less travel to France to return to a neighboring country), Africa is still the least interconnected continental group.

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