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Charter air inc

Operating out of Teterboro Airport, New Jersey, Air Charters provides private jet charter and aircraft management services. is a family-owned, full-service company that charters private jets. homepage Our company has been in operation since 1995 and our clients have more than a quarter hundred years of FAA certificated aeronautical expertise in all types of company and personal jetliners, as well as turboprops and multi-engine pistonliners. We have always concentrated on offering you a "boutique" level in our shop by handling you as a member of a privately owned clubs and taking good care of all the detail to make your journey a smooth and enjoyable one.

Any decisions we make regarding your airplane will be made in the interest of your company.

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It' our missions are easy - providing the best possible services for every journey is the ultimative flight adventure it should be. Our credentials have been based on our commitment to honesty, customer care and the ability to get the work done, no matter how one-of-a-kind or demanding the enquiry. Over forty years of aerospace manufacturing know-how gives us the knowledge and connections to deliver the perfect airplane for any kind of travel - national or global, VIP, first-class, or coaching.

Headquartered in New York, San Francisco and Washington DC, we are able to offer immediate countrywide services practically anywhere in the United States. No matter whether your group consists of 10 to 15 people or 250 to 300 people, you can be sure that we offer you the perfect plane for your itinerary.

Employer reviews for Air Charter Service

The ACS is the world's premier air cargo charters group. Offering our passengers and cargo customers award-winning, tailor-made charters. Get ready for special working times! - This is no contra - just be ready and show genuine commitment, it's just the intrinsic value of this singular profession and it really does pay off - tough work - tough game.

You' re having cake on a Friday, not perfect for my waist. My education is comprehensive, I get surprising possibilities and I have the feeling that I have found a carreer and no work. You have great business advantages, among them free beverages for 2 hour every Friday, a fitness studio on the second stick and much more.

Can' t give enough credit to the business and look forward to staying with ACS for a long while. None, by far the best firm I've ever worked for. They also give you advantages that are quite good. It'?s not human to be a freight trainee. Yesterday evening I remained up until 15:30 and had to come to the offices at the usual times.

Education should be more attuned to the individuals you employ. A very old education mindset, and not inviting at all. A kind of "do what I say because you belong to me until you're not an intern anymore" mindset. Expedient, dedicated, family-friendly, hard-working and entertaining! I' ve never worked in such a beautiful firm before.

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