Boeing Luxury Jets

Luxury Boeing Jets

The first luxurious private jet tour from Hong Kong to Kenya and Tahiti. Look into the luxurious Boeing, tailor-made for the wealthiest style magazine in the word. A group of wealthy Asians will set off from Hong Kong for China's "Golden Week" at the beginning of October on a nine-day trip to a richly occupied Boeing 777 with stations in luxury resorts in Nairobi, Kenya and Tahiti. This 777 was presented in a ceremonial on Tuesday at Boeing Field.

In order to spend your free moments on a long journey, the table tops in the bars can be reversed to provide videos or matches. The aircraft was constructed at Boeing's Everett plant and after two years at Moses Lake, the tailor-made Moses Lake interiors created by Kirkland-based Greenpoint Technologies - mostly ivory veneered with stones and murals - were erected on behalf of a Aviation Technical Services Aviation Technical Services team, Everett' aircraft service provider.

Edie Rodriguez, Managing Director of Crystal Cruises, received shipment of the aircraft. Crystal's high-end range of services, now held by the Genting Hong Kong China based cruising and resorts group, includes deep sea cruising, inland cruising, yachting and now also charter. Rhodriguez used every occasion to further the name Crystal and its connotations of richness and luxury.

Rodriguez explained the underlying commercial rationale behind the luxury aircraft and said Crystal originally planned to handle it like a cruiser in the skies, plan high-end routes and sell individual seating. However, the firm found that although their destination markets, "the 2 percent richest in the world", could allow such travel, they are too time-bound to fit readily into a given itinerary.

Crystal shifted the gear to make the aircraft available as a privately chartered aircraft instead. It is also possible to easily rent the aircraft on a chartered air service from town to town. Mr Rodriguez said that such a one-way ticket from New York to Paris would be $375,000 or just under $4,300 per passenger, with all 88 places occupied.

The Vancouver Canucks National Hockey League squad next week charters the aircraft for their journey to China, where they will play the LA King's in a few pre-season show matches in Shanghai and Beijing. And to strengthen the personal chart system, "many rich enjoy traveling with, in quotations, folks like her," she said.

A 787 Dreamliner and a 777 were purchased by Crystal Airlines. However, it ruled that the smaller aircraft did not meet its needs and tried to resell it. What is the probability that further Boeing orders will follow later, perhaps a second 777? For Crystal, the aircraft is fueled by Comlux, a privately owned charters carrier with operational certification from Malta, Aruba and Kazakhstan.

Most of the crews work for the world's leading airline companies. From Etihad, the head cook from Etihad was wooed away by Abu Dhabi. However, at least one female stewardess - or butterfly - has seriously improved her professionalism. Priscilla Martinez, an American, joined Crystal from Spirit Airways, the Florida-based airline with the lowest costs, the most straightforward and the most economical air travel in North America.

While Martinez said she loved to fly and enjoyed joining Spirit, she is fortunate to now be adding a "customer service" aspect to her work. Crystal's operations are providing customers with a degree of support that Spirit customers can hardly imagin.

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