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Airport Transfer Company

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At AIRPORT TRANSFER COMPANY (ATC) we specialise in providing minicabs and airport transfers to and from all UK destinations, with a focus on politeness, professionality, 24/7 accessibility and friendly customer care at reasonable prices without sacrificing value for money. The AIRPORT TRANSFER COMPANY (ATC) is honored as one of London's leading airport transfer and minicab companies.

We are a progressive company offering drivers and mini cabs in Central London, West London, South West London, South West London, East London and the whole of London. The AIRPORT TRANSFER COMPANY (ATC) also specialises in presenting a global fleet of sea ports and airport transfer services from all the main UK sea ports and main UK ports, such as Luton, Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, City Airport and London City.

Take a taxi anywhere, at any time in London, just 15mins.

This is Prague Airport Transport. How it works.

Traveling in Prague - especially during peak traffic times - is quite an effort for tourists and residents alike. Either fill out our online booking request or call us directly if you would like to book an airport transfer. An important difference between us and our company is that you can use our round-the-clock service so that you can get to or from the airport whenever it is convenient for you.

If you do not wish to reserve an airport transfer in advance, however, you can call us when you get to Prague Airport and organise a transfer. Once you have passed your custom, luggage claim and all other paperwork, you will be met by our cabbie, who will hold a map with your name on it.

Whatever happens, our friendly and committed drivers are waiting for you - even if your trip is late, you don't have to be afraid. The journey from the airport to your final destination depends mainly on the position of your accommodation and the volume of air and sea transport.

The distance from Prague airport and Prague hotel is between 5 km and 35 km, and it can take between 15 and 40 min. to get to your final destinations from the airport. Downtown, also called Old Town, is 20 km away from the airport - only 25 min. by car.

Upon arrival at Florenc Central Railway Terminal, you will see our guide in the terminal building - again next to the Burger King Ristorante. Don't be afraid if you get to another train depot. When you leave, you can select where the chauffeur will meet you - at the front of your appartment building or at the front desk of the accommodation.

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