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A career in aviation allows you to choose whether you want to fly an aircraft or a helicopter. First-class, fully integrated fixed base operator offering world-class aviation services, private jet charter, aircraft sales and more. Hubschrauberpilotausbildung | aviation flying schools Preparing for all FAA certification and assessment requirements with a strict associated diploma curriculum. Are you a charter or privatepilot? of Applied Science in Aviation : The Fixed Wing programme is designed to help you get ready for this energetic and challenging career.

Are you dreaming of working in a recovery squad or doing a communications mission?

Associate of Applied Science in Aviation : Our range of rotors can help you make your dream careers come true. Consider ing a professional piloting role and this is your first stop at the New Braunfels Airport. Almost a dozen years ago, Kim Thakur was lucky in the aviation business when her friend's flying academy needed help.

Getting started with a career in aviation

Would you like to have an interesting carreer? Really can start with a real aviation carreer! If you have a aviation background, you can decide whether you want to fly an aircraft or a heli. In order to have a carrier that will take off, you need first-class driver-education. Select an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Part 141 flying academy that will provide you with the expertise, engineering capabilities, and hands-on experience you need to obtain your certification.

You' ll find out everything about the thrilling aviation industry, plus security, meteorology, law, navigation and more! An Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Degree will prepare you for a wide range of aviation career opportunities. In order to be able to steer an aircraft or chopper competently and comfortably, you must adhere to the flying times.

Rigid blade or rotary programmes allow you to fly for over 200 flying hours under the supervision of expert instruction. And the more your life in the sky, the more experience you get. The partner flying schools offer the floor training and flying lessons required for pupils to receive FAA certificates and assessments.

Combining presence instruction with conducted flying instruction prepares you for the acquisition of your pilots licence. Professional pilots are not allowed to be bred, they are educated! We have entered into a partnership with selected Part 141 flying schools in order to provide you with first-class pilots' education. Rigid blade or rotors can be selected to help you acquire your FAA licence and take up work as a professional flyer or flying instructor. An FAA licence can be obtained from the FAA's FAA office.

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