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Which steps are there to set up a charter company? I am thinking a lot about starting a small fishing charter company in the Va. I've been thinking about setting up a charter/bait shop and teaching people the basics of fishing.

Establishing a fishing charter company

Charter businesses inshore offer local residents and tourist alike easy entry to a wide range of off-shore fishing areas. When you have a passion for fishing and want to spend your free moments with different kinds of different kinds of individuals, setting up a fishing charter company can be a great business proposition. In order to launch this business, you need a vessel, the appropriate licences and approvals, business security and expertise in fishing in popular as well as secluded areas, as clients are expecting to be able to catch fresh seafood during their voyage.

Request the U.S. Coast Guard Captain's Licence for the lawful operation of a vessel and the settlement of fishing rounds. Obtain a trade licence from your local district law firm or small business management bureau. Request a VAT licence from your state inland revenue to pay all your customers' VAT.

Please use this number on all business taxation form and document. Buy a large enough vessel to transport small groups on fishing tours in safety. Boots should be at least 25 ft long to house small groups, usually up to six persons, and the crews. Choose a vessel in good shape and suitable for the water you will be sailing in.

Buy buoyancy aids, first responders and other security equipment demanded by the legislation governing fishing charter in your state. Get the necessary fishing licences by going to the fishing and game authorities. Angling licences allow clients to go fishing lawfully during the voyage. Manage fishing license maintenance by making payments on a quarter or annual basis.

Every individual on the vessel needs a fishing permit, so make sure you buy enough licences to meet the max number of persons in charter fishing groups. Buy business coverage from a licenced insurer to help your charter business stay safe in the case of an incident or injuries during a fishing trip.

Corporate business usually covers general third party indemnity, non-life and workers' indemnity insurances. Promote your fishing charter business in regional and domestic journals, newspaper and on-line. Build a website to describe the type of fishing tours on offer, pricing, photos, customer satisfaction stories, uptime and security information. Compile a business roadmap to illustrate each phase of business growth for your fishing charter company.

Find out about all applicable laws and government requirements regarding the operations of charter companies before setting up your business. Jessica Jones lives in the subway area of Washington and has been working as a freelancer since 2006. She specializes in business issues. "Getting a fishing charter company started.

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