Inside Luxury Private Jets

In the interior of luxurious private jets

Looking inside the luxurious private jet of your own for 62 million US dollars | Style Magazine In May, the company surprised the airline industry with the surprise presentation of the new Global 5500 and Global 6500 private jets at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exposition 2018. At the end of 2019, the 5500 and 65000 are scheduled to be operational for the customer, from which time the new Global 7500 and 8000 flagships will also be commissioned.

But while the rest of the globe is waiting for Bombardier's next generations of long-range private jets, it's not hard to miss the company's latest flag ship offer, the Global 6000. Commissioned in 2012, the Global 6000 is a descendent of Bombardier's acclaimed Global Express. In the large, wide-ranging corporate aircraft market, the 6000 is competing against such aircraft as the Gulfstream 650ER and the Dassault Falcon 8X.

Global 6000 is deployed in a fiercely contested sector of the global economy, tailored to the needs of private and corporate customers who often have to travel halfway around the globe in the short term. At the heart of Bombardier's 2018 Farnborough International Aviation Show in England was the Global 6000 - a week-long biannual show that combined a large aviation, space and defense show with a large open air show - which ended on 22 July.

This large jet stood next to the take-off and landing runways next to a Delta Air Lines CRJ900 local jet from Bombardier's passenger jet department. The business insider had the opportunity to take a look at the $62.31 million jet at the time. Here is a more detailed look at Bombardier's Global 6000 flag ship.

So, here's a photo of Bombardier's private jet flying around 6,000 Globals. Measuring 99 ft five inch (30. 29 meters) long, 25 ft and six inch high, the 6000 is 94 ft wide. Inflating greater blade versatility to make it more efficient at absorption of turbulent air power.

Inside, you will immediately be welcomed by the aircraft caboose, completely with stonework tops. Across from the caboose is the private quiet area available to long flight passengers. Across from the caboose is the private quiet area available to long flight passengers. Booth is six-foot, two-inch tall and seven-foot, 11-inch broad.

Global 6000's passengers cab is divided into three areas. Convenient lounge and conference room on the private jet. This is Business Insider. Lastly, there is a private relaxation area with two long couches that can be transformed into single bed. Whilst the remainder of the cab is padded with soft leathers, the two couches are lined with cloth.

Bombardier says that's because the stuff is better when it comes to bedtime. There is also a padded compartment wall in the relaxation area. This is a flat-screen TV in the compartment of the relaxation area, which, like the two couches, is padded with upholstery.

In addition, the cab is fitted with several 24-inch HD TVs and Ka-band high-speed Ethernet. You can operate the whole cab via radio control. Bombardier Global 6000 is driven by a Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20 twin turboprop family. Bombardier says the 6000 can achieve a top velocity of Mach 0.89 (682mph or 1,098km/h) and climb up to 15,545 meters (51,000 feet).

The Global 6000 is preceded by the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion AV technology kit, which features four solid high-definition displays and enhanced realistic features. Finally, here is the captain's place in the dash. This is the captain's cabin in the Bombardier 6000 dashboard. This is Business Insider.

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