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SubSonex's Heart TJ-100 turbine jet is manufactured by the Czech company PBS Velká Bíte?, a large producer of rotating machinery with 1814 origins. For the SubSonex, the motor is supplied completely with motor instruments, butterfly valve controls, pre-wired wiring looms and other installed equipment.

Its 258.53 lbf[1150 N] thruster still exceeds the aspirations of PBS engineers and clients with impeccable power and excellent servicing histories, backed by superior levels of support. TJ-100 can easily be fitted into a small box that is sent to the PBS plant for low cost servicing.

Outer diameter 10.7" Motor length 24.6" *Model and specifications for SubSonex applications may be changed without prior notification.

Price-reducing jet shocks the aviation industry

Although the price is still quite high for most executive and individual drivers, a small jet about the length of two mid-size limousines shakes the passenger jet airshow. Cirruscraft, an airplane manufacturer, markets the Vision SF50 as an airplane that drastically reduces the costs of purchasing an airplane.

Comes with a $2 million price tag that is much less than its nearest jet-powered rival, although it is still more costly than most reciprocating aircraft. Vision Jet takes part in the Very Light Jet or VLJ categories, which include Eclipse Canada, Cessna Citation M2 and Embraer Phenom 100.

The Vision Jet has a max cruising distance of 1,300 mph and is designed for local use. Vision Jet is designed for both corporate executives and recreational flyers. The company is entering a general air transport niche marked by a decline in the number of individual aircraft operators, which represents a selling proposition for aircraft manufacturers.

Kowalski said that in additon to the privately owned drivers who have always dreamt of the velocity and comfort of a jet - the Vision Jet has a top velocity of 345 mph and a maximum limit of 28,000 ft - the airplane also attracts some business aviation owners and charters.

Cirrus, located in Duluth, Minn. says that the vision is unparalleled with its single-engine carbon-fiber-reinforced hull and the Cirrus Whole Airplane Glider, which allows a pilote to hover the whole airplane in the air in the case of an unsurmountable incident. Further characteristics are a missile guidance system, which keeps drivers from making over corrections, as well as luxury items such as integrated sat radios and flash drives.

However, his greatest sales argument is price. Pilot Magazine's Tom Heines, editor-in-chief, says the Vision Jet is in a "niche of its own" that can help it survive the weak VLJ sales environment. Mr Häines described it as a "step-up" aircraft for reciprocating aircraft operators and said that it could even rival some turbo-props, many of which are more costly than the Vision Jet.

However, there are barriers that go beyond the price paid by some individual pilot-owners. An opportunity to improve is the rationale behind Joe Whisenhunt, 54, becoming the first Vision Jet client. Arkansas property development company has had a Cirrus SR22 turbo prop since 2009 and says the Vision Jet makes the jet a no-brainer due to its low price, security capabilities and familiar name.

"If I could get the most secure thing in the whole wide open sky, my woman said I could get on a plane, and Cirrus is," says Whisenhunt. Cirrus' Kowalski got it.

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