Srilankan Airlines Alliance

Sri Lankan Airlines Alliance

The milestones will be commemorated today in a ceremonial act in the presence of the main Sri Lankan officials at Hambantotas Mattala Rajapaksa Intl., the newest South Asian intercontinental hub that serves the south and east coasts of Sri Lanka and the seaport of Hambantota. The milestones will be commemorated today in a ceremonial act in the presence of the main Sri Lankan officials at Hambantotas Mattala Rajapaksa Intl., the newest South Asian intercontinental hub that serves the south and east coasts of Sri Lanka and the seaport of Hambantota. Starting at noon, the Sri Lankan flags will fly alongside some of the world's premier airlines:

The Asia-Pacific airlines Cathay Pacific Airways, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and the Australian Qantas. Coming from Europe, airlines include Airbus, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia and Russian S7 Airlines. Qatar Airways - the only of the Big Three Gulf airlines to be part of an alliance - and Royal Jordanian are represented in the Middle East. American Airlines and its fusion partners US Airways are involved in North America.

LAN Airlines and its partners in the LATAM Airlines Group, TAM Airlines, are in South America. Offering more than 600 airports lounge facilities, many of which are often described as the best in the business. Codesharing is a widespread aviation practices where an airline's market codes are placed on a different airline's flights.

As a result, the marketer's own business is expanded without having to manage the flight itself, allowing it to generate more sales while at the same enjoying greater customer freedom and smoother connectivity between the two airlines' partner clusters.

Sri Lanka and S7 last year reached an agreement on the codeshare, subject to the authorisations just issued by the authorities. As of May 15, the S7 identifier will be used on SriLankan departures between the Colombo and Moscow Domodedovo and Colombo and Bangkok junctions. SriLankan's UL-Prefix will also be placed on the carrier's own flight between its own Moscow Domodedovo hub and Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Volgograd and Yekaterinburg, bringing six major Russia towns into the SriLankan grid.

As of 2 June, Finnair will be adding its AY codes on SriLankan frequencies between the Colombo bases and Bangkok, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London Heathrow, Paris CDG and Rome, while SriLankan's UL codes will be placed on Finnair's frequencies between Helsinki and Frankfurt, London Heathrow, Paris CDG and Rome as well as Helsinki and Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.

Kurt Stache, Senior Vice President Alliances and Partnerships chez American Airlines. The International Airlines Group (parent company of British Airways and Iberia) Strategy Director Robert Boyle. Hideki Oshima, Japan Airlines' Executive Officer for International Relations and Alliances. The LATAM Airlines Group (vertritt LAN Airlines und TAM Airlines) Directeur Général Asie Pacifique Patricio Aylwin. Hugh Dunleavy, directeur commercial de Malaysia Airlines.

Vice President of the Royal Jordanian Planning and Alliances Basma Majali. Within only two years, the Group has added more than 15 airlines as full or affiliated members, among them: Malaysian Airlines, one of the leading airlines in Southeast Asia, which acceded on February 1, 2013. Airbus, the second busiest carrier in Europe's busiest economies, Germany, and one of the continent's busiest airlines, which went on board in March 2012.

With more than 250 destination, the airport expanded its destination base by 36 percent. Increase of the alliance's total aircraft production by 56 percent and of the total aircraft by 50 percent. With 5 points proportion of turnover between the top 100 international shopping centres, which now stands at 26 percent.

We in Sri Lanka are pleased to add another high value and high growth air company to the most rapidly developing and highest valued worldwide airline-alliance. SriLankan, its clients and staff wish a cordial welcome on Bord. "Nishantha Wickremasinghe, Chairman of SriLankan Airlines, said: Join the Alliance will help to put Sri Lanka more on the chart of air travel and significantly enhance Sri Lanka's access to the rest of the globe, which is crucial for our country's commerce and touring.

Mr. Kapila Chandrasena, Chief Executive Officer of SriLankan Airlines, added: "As an air company with a strong focus on providing high level services, we are very proud to be part of the alliance with the best airlines that offer a worldwide partner ecosystem that best complement our own. "SriLankan Airlines, whose roots date back to 1947, is today not only the flagship Sri Lankan carriers, but also the biggest multinational operating to the Maltese Islands with a significant footprint in the South.

Since the return of freedom to its homeland four years ago, it has almost twice as many people as before and is planning a further significant extension of its navy and networking over the next few years. Member airlines work together to provide a premium, smooth journey offering unique benefits and reward for repeat travellers, as well as accruing and redemption of mileage and points across the Alliance ecosystem.

Global Traveler's best airline alliance in its GT Tested Reader Survey 2013 Awards for the forth consecutive year, the World's leading airline alliance at the 2013 World Travel Awards for the eleventh consecutive year, Australian Business Traveller Best Airline Alliance in 2012 for the second consecutive year and FlightStat's Airline Alliance On-Time Performance 2012 winners.

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