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Need private transfers to and from Dublin Airport? You can book your transfer to one of the UK's major airports online or over the phone today. Scheduled fixed transfers between Keflavík Airport and Reykjavík Airport.

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It is our goal to deliver the highest level of customer care and services and to surpass your expectation. Our specialty is airport transfers, cruises, station transfers and trips, but we can also deliver cost-effective corporate tours for executives. Our services include transfers at fix prices with top level cars chauffeured by our highly skilled and qualified drivers.

Direct Airport Transfer - Italy Forum

Did anyone ever use the Airport Transfers Direct company...seems to be from England but can' t find and use any comment about the company...they seem to be ok...someone out there has ever used them. A group of 8 people, we would like to move from the SMN railway in Florence to the centre of the town, back in September 2012 and would be happy to receive any kind of response to the business.

Terrific experiance... I would strongly suggest it. We arrived early, but they were there to see us at the exits 15 min after the arrival of the plane. It was in very good shape, neat and the drivers were very professionals. It was a sure rider (especially for Italy) and I would definitely use this facility again.

This company has been contracted to pick us up from our Venice Marco Polo airport flights. Well, our chauffeur was there to see us on schedule. But when we got there, the same thing happens, the chauffeur claims they were said to be charged 10 Euros more for the wait.

I could tell that our plane was early, the chauffeur called his bureau - I would suggest that you ask the chauffeur to call the airport transfer directly. com if an additional fee is applied.

Yes, I reserved them to pick up my boy and girl from Pisa airport. I would advise you not to use this company under any Circus dance. After 45 minutes of great fear, a cabman appeared, but he didn't have a map with her name on it and after watching this man asking them if they were the O'Malleys, my daugher could turn to him and tell him they were there.

Luckily, my daugther had the complete adress ( all this information was provided on the website ), he had no clue about the cost, he used his telephone all the time (without free hand in the car) while out. As the cab set them down, I asked if he would come back on Friday as we had previously reserved - he knew nothing about it and put me on the telephone to his chief, who did not fill me with the certainty that they would come.

We' ll never use such an inefficient business again. It'?s a term of care for this firm. 2 of our collection have been transferred from Rome airport to Rome. The airport ends Friday a little accidentally, but the vehicles were on schedule. Initial arrival at 10 o'clock Tuesday OK, second auto not arrived at 14 o'clock and no reply from the regional bureau, so at 2. 20 o'clock we took a cab.

Roma taxi's have the Flatrate for the transport to the city center at the entrance, so the fare should be set and was similar to the ATD fare. with two little kids. Transfers aren't very inexpensive, but that was comforting for some reasons.

At the other side the riders showed up on schedule and took us from a to b. Just used this firm in London (Heathrow) and Rome (FCO) and would strongly suggest it. Your rates were competitively priced and the services were punctual and even waiting for our belated London arrivals.

Definitely used in the near term. Airport Transfer Direct. com is a scram they never sent me a receipt and on the date of my arrived they said that my arrivals were not available and due to cancel policies I would not be reimbursed. When you request a quotation, please note that it is not a binding offer.

Only 2 week ago I inquired about a transport for a journey to Italy, but at the end I confirmed with another one. Because of a mix-up at their side, this "company" sent a vehicle to pick us up, and when we left with the firm we had actually signed up with, it took a cancelation and charged me the full amount.

So I was totally angry and despite a series of e-mails asking for my reservation to be confirmed, I didn't get any.

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