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Transfers by professional licensed drivers into new cars at fixed, affordable prices. Paid your driver after the transfer in cash. Transfer from Fuerteventura airport to all destinations.

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Evaluate taxi transfers? 9 and a half day before our planned trip I book a transfer from Milan Malpensa to Bellagio. There was no chauffeur at the airfield. Thought he was just jammed in jam and will soon be arriving, so we gave him 10-15 min as a polite gesture before calling the hotline.

Following a conversation with the taxi firm, they first said that the chauffeur would be there in 20-30 mins. Every fucking goddamn fucking minute I call him back, I'm always telling him he's going to be 10 more fucking minutes, he' s going to get jammed in jams, and so on. You obviously missed the reservation and used an excuse to give the chauffeur enough free travel to get there.

Last tim I phoned, I was informed they'd give me a discounted ticket. And then I phoned the UK helpline to ask about the reimbursement procedure and I was informed that it was up to the regional taxi operator to make a decision and they would accept a ?10 discount (at a rate of ?118).

Excellent after sales support, arriving earlier than planned and helping us with the baggage. Excellent transfer, I would strongly suggest. Opportunistic people who have spend a lot of cash on Google AdWords and SEO, but don't care about offering a specific site. From Islantilla we took a taxi to Faro airport 24h before we needed it.

At 7 a. m. 30 we checked out with our 9-month-old and 3-year-old boys at the front desk of our guesthouse when we got a cancelation from this one. As a result, we had the hassle of finding a big taxi for us and our baggage with our car seats and children's seats, and we almost missed our plane.

That number you're providing for support doesn't work. I have had a really fantastic airport taxi transfer time! Airport-Taxi Transfers was glad to fulfill my new transfer schedules with a single telephone call. I got a call from the rider to tell me that I had reached the finish safely and he gave me basic directions on where to hit him.

Obviously I could not higher refer this firm and will definitely use it again! Thanks, dear greetings, we had in the past many taxi transfers, but this transfer has surpassed the draw. His Mercedes was flawless, his drivers were flawless, the journey from Verona to Garda was exalted. He was very familiar with the different sides of the area.

Altogether the best transfer ever. Excellent customer care. That'?s a good chauffeur. So we had to go up and down the aiport to find the cake store right at the end. However, definitely would make use of this again servicing and very kind chauffeur. Excellent sevice, quotes 150 Euro from locals - I only payed 105 Euro for this sevice - great savings!

The driver came a little too late because of the road, but phoned me before the pick-up hour, which made me feel more comfortable that he was coming! On the way to the aerodrome he made up the lost space and was very kind and assisted with the baggage in and out of the car - really good fellow!

All in all very satisfied with the services and would highly commend all. All I did was book at the last moment while I was on the road. It was a real pleasure for our rider and the one hours ride was surprisingly pleasant even after such a long one. Definitely going to use this one again. From Venice I book the transfer to Union Lido only 2 nights before our departure.

Superior services and lots of space in the van for your baggage. Even though the limousine came too late due to a mistake about our arriving times, the telephone answer was fast and amiable. Drivers also quickly phoned to announce their arrivals. Extremely kind drivers, neat cars, effective minimum problemsanagement.

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