One way Ticket to Sri Lanka

One-way ticket to Sri Lanka

Entrance with one-way ticket - Sri Lanka Forum Hello, this is taken from the listing of visas issued on the Sri Lanka High Commission's website. Entering without a previous visas - UK, Ireland and citizens of the Annex A states ( see below) may be given a 30 day free land mark upon arriving at the Sri Lankan ports of destination if they are:

Citizens of non-Annex'A' Member States should be granted a visum regardless of the number of residence days. - The documentation referred to under'REQUIREMENTS' on page 1 must be supplied. - A previous visum should be obtained from any tourists who wish to remain longer than 30 nights. of the High Commissioner's Office nearest to the person making the request (irrespective of nationality).

Such visas shall be issued for a renewable of up to 90 working day periods. Please consider the request that either a running flight ticket ""OR"" provides enough money for a flight ticket. And enough money to help yourself. It is my belief that a major bank account is acceptable as having enough money. I had most of my travels a round-trip ticket, but on a few occasion, when I flew to Malaysia in an unfamiliar span of timeframe, I traveled without a running ticket and it was not called into question.

One-way ticket to Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Forum

Anyone know whether one-way fares are acceptable in Sri Lanka or whether you need a ticket back? Hello, all the best, This thread has been dropped for new postings due to being inactive. Contributions that do not comply with our policies will be removed, and we retain the right to delete any contribution for any reasons.

One-Way Ticket - Sri Lanka Visum - Sri Lanka Forum

Hey, I'm on holiday in Sri Lanka. We start in Bangok and from there we go to Sri Lanka. I've been buying a one-way ticket for a long while... we don't really know where to go next. wouldn't I get a ticket for that? i' am planning on leaving the country before the 30 days but i just don't have a card out yet. what should i do? wtw, i didn't applied for a visa yet, and im still planning to do it at the airport since, best i don't have the card. thanks a lot, Shlomi.

You may not be permitted by the carrier to travel without a round-trip ticket. However, the carrier offers the possibility to purchase a One Way Ticket. Could you go to Sri Lanka, Shlomi? For example, this reservation method is for those who live and work in Lanka on a permanent basis..... From Shlomi I sincerely look forward to hearing his experience.

Happy birthday, I've come, but I've already purchased my ticket. As I flew to Sri Lanka, I was asked to show my ticket outside. Hopefully you will participate in the discussion by writing on an open thread or new one.

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