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The SkyTeam Go Round the World Tickets allow you to travel on an A Round the World Ticket (RTW Ticket). A Round the World Ticket is a special type of airfare that can take you around the world with various airlines. Take advantage of American Airlines partners to fly around the world.

With Star around the World Alliance?ASIANA AIRLINES

With a Star Alliance Round the World ticket, Asiana club members can fly to more than 1,200 destinations around the world. The Round the World is that you fly from the starting point in one direction, over the Pacific and the Atlantic and end the journey in the starting state.

Travelling around the world, there must be at least 10 working day between the date of first departing and the end date of arriving. Star Alliance Mileage Redemption Policy is applicable to other matters. Routes returning from Seoul to Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Bangkok and Busan travel across the Pacific and the Atlantic and can be used for the Star Alliance Round the World.

Routes returning from Seoul to Osaka, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, Auckland, Shanghai and Seoul do not travel across the Atlantic and may not be used for the Star Alliance Round the World. Beijing and Tokyo are allowed to trace routes returning from Seoul to Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Montreal, Oslo and Seoul as they are located in the same Asia/Oceania area.

Tracking of routes returning from Seoul to Istanbul, Tashkent, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Oslo, New York, Los Angeles and Seoul is not allowed for Istanbul (Europe) and Tashkent (Asia) as they are not in the same area.

American Airlines 5 Partner Award flights that are valuable to be considered.

When you are on a good number of American Airlines AAdvantage mileage, you may be asking yourself how you can use it. Whilst you can always make direct bookings with American Airlines for reward flights, you can often extend your mileage even further by using an Oneworld or affiliate carrier. Here is a look at the airlines that work with American Airlines and the Oneworld-Allianz.

They can use any of these providers to find reward trips around the world. Because American Airlines doesn't go to some areas, that doesn't mean you can't still get there on reward trips. You can use your A/V Vantage Points with these partner airlines to take you anywhere on different modes and itineraries.

Although in some cases you may need to call AA to make a reservation, you can find the precise routes and itineraries on airline partners' sites. These are 5 airline partners where your American Airlines AAdvantage mileage can be used for awards.

Now, you can do this with your AA mileage on Japan Airlines and even a first classical seats at a rates far below that of most other airlines. If you book a return trip from the USA to Japan, you can get an 35,000 mile per way business fare ticketing.

You can get a premium one-way fit for only 80,000 mile. When flying Japan Airlines with your Airplane mileage, you do not need to add any additional charges for gas. British Airways' website features Japan Airlines award-winning itineraries. Then call AA to arrange your reward trip. So if you've always wanted to steal away to Fiji (and who didn't?), your AAdvantage mileage can help you get there.

Fiji Airways is not an Oneworld affiliate. The carrier will, however, continue to allow you to earn American Airlines mileage to its great destination. You can find, for example, premium trips to the tropical insular state for only 40,000 mph per way for the business. You want to go first class instead, you see 110,000 leagues in one direction.

In order to reserve a holiday in Fiji in American with your A/V Vantage mileage, first look for the best match for your itinerary. After you have noted the number, date, hour and cab ins of your preferred destination, call American Airlines to make your booking. Are you looking for the ultimative travelling experience? A journey to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways is for you.

It is not only full of mega centres, world famous shops and the most stunning sky scrapers in the world. But you will also be able to indulge in a luxury travelling adventure to get there. Airlines offer outstanding services in all their categories. Travelling with yourAAdvantage points is not inexpensive. Premium quality services are available for 115,000 mile per route, while the economics only covers 40,000 mile per route.

The first step in booking your reward travel with an AAdvantage mileage is to find your ideal route on the website of Atihad. American Airlines waives your booking charge because you cannot directly travel your Abudvantage air ticket on your own airline ticket.

When visiting castles in Denmark is your vision of a vacation, your AAAdvantage points can take you there with Finnair. Economical trips take you about 30,000 mile. You will receive an economic one-way fare of 22,500. However, First Grade is still equipped with a sensible 85,000 mile per route for reward flying. And you can even make direct bookings through, which makes planning your reward trip on Finnair easy and fast.

Not only can you take your AAdvantage mileage there, but you can also take it at a very affordable price wherever you want to go on the mainland. American Airlines says Africa travels are all regarded as in the same area. That means your reward trip will be at the same price whether you decide to go on holiday in the Nordic countries or at the very south.

When you decide to take Qatar through Doha in Qatar Airfare, you can count on 75,000 mph per trip. For the same trip you only have to spend 40.000 Euro. When you want to take full benefit of your long journey, you can get a First class fare for 120,000 per trip.

Given the distances you are likely to cover with this pass, the premium rate is quite affordable. That saves you valuable amount of money and money when redeeming your mileage. When you are seated on a few AA mileage points and are uncertain of what to do with them, it is good to know that you have many choices.

In addition to using them directly with other Oneworld affiliates, there are a few other airlines that offer mileage acceptance. Whenever you decide to travel, you can use the accumulated mileage you earn. Wherever you want to travel in the world, American Airlines AAdvantage mileage can help you get there.

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