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Wanchi's preferred cheap car and taxi rental services. High quality cars / taxis / taxi service in Ranchi. Many thanks to your firm and the outstanding service of your motorist on my last journey to Ahmedabad.

Many thanks to your firm and the outstanding service of your motorist on my last journey to Ahmedabad. On-line invoicing and reservation before arriving was great. Outstanding service, which corresponds to the service abroad. It was incredibly convenient to book automobiles on-line. I had a terrific time. Immediately the rider gave it back so that he protected himself from any problems.

Many thanks to the taxi operator Shoaib.

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Booking a stern drive, a perfect "pocket friendly" taxi for you, which is usually reserved for shorter trips. Booking a limousine trip, a perfect comfortable taxi for you, affordable comforts and a Happy Journey Combo. Booking an SUV trip, a perfect family taxi for you, usually reserved for long haul trips. At the moment please order 24 x 7 service.

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Get the best Ranchi taxi reservation offers for Ranchi rental cars in any destination. Rental cars in Ranchi available for all vehicle models with top vehicle rental companies. Ranchi is an important town on the Chota Nagpur plain on the bank of the Subarnarekha Rivers, the main town of the Jharkhand State of India, and is commonly known as the "City of Waterfalls" because of its abundance of falls on the edge of the town.

The high height of the town and the resulting low temperatures have given the name to the "only mountain station" in Jharkhand. There are also several coal mines in the region and the heavy machine tool plant is also in town. The Ranchi is well linked by train and truck to the other large towns in India and Birsa Munda International Airports mainly serve inland destinations.

There are other means of transport such as busses available and Ranchi Rent a car is also an optional for a convenient trip in town or close by. There are many hotspots in the surrounding area and the Falls Dassam Falls, Hundru Falls, Jonha Falls, Hirni Falls and Panchghagh Falls are the most visited by travellers.

The town of hatia on the edge of town is known for its crafts manship and local produce can be bought from there. The rock garden in the Gonda Mountains and the Kanke Dam on the Subarnarekha River are a must for a trip to Ranchi. The Pahari Mandir on the Ranchi Mountain is also an important tourist destination in the town and nearby is Lake Ranchi, found in 1842 by Colonel Insely.

You can also drive to Khunti Street to relax in Hirschpark, or alternative go to Birsa Jaiwik Udyaan on the edge of town.

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