Qatar Taxi

Quatar Taxi

Make sure that you have enough Qatari Riyals with you to pay for your trip, as taxis only accept cash payments in local currency. The Qatar Taxi App is the perfect place for you: The services of Karwa are synonyms for public transport in Qatar. Check out our Karwa services on smartphones and get effortless taxi and limousine services.

Qatar Best Taxi Services Apartment

No reservation necessary, just rely on QatarTaxi for the journey. Once you are done, enter your pick-up point and type on demand. To find out more about the fares of your journey, bet on Fares. Drivers information will be sent to the tour operator before their arrival, you will see their name, photograph, make and model as well as the number plates - so you know you are looking for the right one.

As soon as you have entered the name of your final destination, you will see the itinerary your rider will take and your ETA. Selected routes are the best and quickest of all routes available on the chart that are not manually selected.

Quatar Taxi Tariffs and Tips

Mowasalat, the local transportation operator operating the bus, taxi and limo services, monitors the taxi services in Qatar under the name Karwa. Mowasalat' s striking range of trucks are all new, state-of-the-art, air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-the-art communications and navigational equipment and a state-of-the-art surveillance system. The Karwa taxi is regarded as the most comfortable means of transportation to reach Doha International Airport.

Our cabs are neat, secure, comfortable, all new and roomy limos. Mowasalat currently has more than 3000 new and well-maintained taxi cars under the Karwa name, among them the recently purchased large cab taxi, more than 120 local busses, local bus services and coach services. In addition, the Doha Limousine Service has both regular saloons (without the Karwa logo) and Jaguar XJ VIPs, which are located at Doha International Airports and in large hotel complexes.

Due to finite cabs and demographic growth, however, those without their own means of travel still sometimes find it difficult to move. Meanwhile, the taxi services in Qatar are expected to fundamentally shift early next year as Mowasalat, the government's only supplier of freight forwarding services, has contracted the taxi rank to three other privately held companies â" Al Million Services Trading & Contracting Company, Petro Qatar and Al Ijara Holding.

Each of these firms has received a five-year agreement for its operation in which it must use 500 taxi-frames each. Every vehicle used must have the same cyan color as the Mowasalat taxi. But every business will have three different colors on the top of its vehicle.

There are two kinds of taxi inowasalat - the regular taxi and the aerodrome taxi services. Regular taxi, the new limousines, can take up to four people aboard, at taxi stands in various places, such as shopping malls, bars, restaurants, hotels, whereas booking can be made through the center at 4588888.

In order to meet the growing customer demands, Mowasalat is continuing to install new cabs. Our Airports Service portfolio comprises stationary carriages capable of carrying almost six people, who will travel to and from Doha International Airports. Doha International Airports taxi services are available around the clock, 365 day a year.

Mowasalat' s sedan services are tailored to the needs of its customers, but have a wide range of choices. Customers can select between cars of either type, i. e. the VIP or classic category. Our luxurious sedan range includes âAâ-class cars, especially for businessmen or those looking for a little extravagance. You can rent our limousines from the taxi and limo department.

VIP limousine services are available at Doha International Airport and in five-star hotel accommodation. Specifically designed for mid-size customers looking for personal space and individual attention. Al Million Karwa taxis are the latest expansion of Qatar's urban transportation system, marking the arrival of the Qatari privatesector into the country's urban transportation system.

Al Million is expected to make an enormous contribution to the round-the-clock accessibility of cars for Qatar's citizens and people. You can call a taxi from across the road, but this can be tricky at rush hour. To collect and book a taxi, please call 4458 8888. To book from airports to hotels, please call the Mowasalat desk at the arrival terminal on +974 44626858.

A million al taxi's, toll-free number is 80055000. They will also be available on the roads and in certain locations throughout Doha. Contacts for Mowasalad: In Qatar all taxi's are measured. Mowasalat' six-seat taxi specials have a QR18 package price. There are also Karwa saloon car service with higher tariffs.

QR20 is the basic fare for regular limousines, with an extra quarter of a second per kilometer (day and night). QR10 (5.5 km) is the minimal default taxifare. QR1 is the ratio per kilometer within Doha during the course of the daily. 2, and the ratio / km outside of Doha during the daily is QR1.8. Pickup fee from the international airports is QR25.

Like the standard sedan, the Fall/Call Centers Rate mark is QR15. QR20 is the pick-up fare for the international airports, and the hours spent at the call centers can be QR50. Tilting is an option in Qatar (QR5 Minimum). These are the contacts of several large taxi businesses in Doha, Qatar.

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