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Journey like a pro: Getting a better fit on the plane No wonder humans are under stress. There are four easy moves to help you get there and get you to your goal on the chair of your choosing with a minimal amount of effort. A few of us will take any place in an airplane and they will be fine, but most of us have our tastes.

Bigger persons prefer corridor spaces for the additional space and many groups of two like to occupy the corridor and the windows with the hope that the central seating remains open, but an empty central seating does not occur very often. As a rule, the center chair is not popular unless individuals travel in groups.

Every line has 6 places (except the line 28, with only three) and a gear in the center. These are 55 aisles, 55 central aisles and 55 seating for windows. Chances are good that only a third of the aircraft will have the desired seating, regardless of any other aircraft you fly with.

There are some places for you because we appreciate your loyalties and want to show our thankfulness. However, these are not many places, and you are still dealing with other elite players. How do you make sure that you get the desired seating position when flying?

Book your places when you buy your ticket. When you don't get the place you want, select the next best place you can find to possibly deal with someone else. Generally this means corridors or window and seating closest to the front. If you do not buy your ticket very long in advance, it can be risky to get more than three places together on the tripnight.

Book your places early so you don't have to worry. When using an on-line agency such as Orbitz or Expedia, please check with the carrier to make sure you get the places you want. Yes, Orbitz and Expedia are real agencies. These pages may not give you enough space. Once the carrier arrives with "Oh, sorry, this place is not free", the notice may not be forwarded to you.

You end up bewildered and disappointed because you thought you had the places you wanted and the support representative tells you you never had the place. There are some places that are not available to book in anticipation, and sometimes everything that is available has been reserved.

Up to 24hrs before your trip, you can book your flights on-line if unused places previously reserved for top travellers are available to everyone. In this way you sometimes even get the best places... provided there are still some, so don't sit and watch until the last second. Reach the gates 60 min before your scheduled start and speak to your gateway operator.

When you have tried everything above and still don't have a place or someone you don't like, go to the early morning flight to the city. You should have an operative at the gates one hours before your flight and you can contact him to ask if there are any other places. Thats one of those periods when selecting the best available places on the airplane will prove useful even if they are not what you want.

It' s simpler to ask someone to change their chair if they know they will get a similar one. This means keep in mind that at every 55 or so person will have medium sized seating, and chances are good that you will sometimes be one of them. Think of 55 folks coming to you asking for something you can't give them.

Behave politely and don't be angry if the gateways can't give you anything better; they do everything they can to get the plane to take off on schedule, and sometimes they may not have a shot at developing their seating magics. We' ll try every little detail in the books to get you the places you want, and these useful tips make it a little more likely that the trip will be as good as you like.

Keep in mind that our new Recaro seating has an additional tilt to give you more room, and they are all supplied with sockets so you can keep your equipment at peak speed. What is your favourite place on the plane?

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