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corporate information The Horizon Air was established to meet the demand that arose when major airlines surrendered services in the northwest under the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. In order to close this gap, Milt Kuolt and a group of risk investors established Horizon in Seattle in September 1981. The Horizon team assembled several tens of dedicated staff and a squadron of two F-27 turbo-prop airplanes leasing from Horizon to serve between Yakima, Pasco and Seattle.

During the early 1980s, the carrier rapidly expanded and took over Air Oregon and Transwestern Airlines located in Utah. Horizon went public in 1984. In 1986, the company's demonstrated success drew the interest of major airlines. Horizon switched to a Metropolitan Aviation Capital Investment (CPA) compliant Metropolitan Aviation Capital Investment Scheme on January 1, 2011.

As part of this agreement, Horizon will operate and maintain its aircrafts, while Alaska will be in charge of the planning, commercialization and price of all services. Part of the changes was the re-branding of all Horizon planes with the name Alaska. Today Horizon Air owns a total of 52 Bombardier 400 s with an avarage of 11 years.

By 2016, the company announces the acquisition of 33 Embraer E175s, and last year it acquired 10 of them. The Horizon service covers 45 towns in Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Alberta and British Columbia (Canada). It has a general Seattle based air carrier and a prime Portland, Oregon based air carrier with added service operations in Boise, Idaho; Seattle; Medford, Oregon; Redmond/Bend, Oregon and Spokane, Washington.

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Updated: 13:15 p.m. on August 11, 2018Take a look at today's news briefing with our Chief Executive Officer, Brad Tilden, Horizon Air Chief Executive Officer, Gary Beck, the FBI and the Port of Seattle. Working in close cooperation with the FBI, the NTSB and the FAA, we are able to better assess the conditions of this unauthorised mission.

FBI's the senior detective on this case. What happened yesterdays will make us find out what we can from this disaster, so that we can help to ensure that it does not happen again to our own carrier or to others. For those who believe they may know the individual implicated in the event, the toll-free number is 1-888-283-283-283-2153.

As Brad Tilden says, "There was an episode last night about the unauthorised use of one of our planes that departed Sea-Tac at about 8 p.m. "We are still collecting facts, but at this point we know that there was only one man on board, a Horizon Air staff member who operated the plane.

I' d like to tell you how terribly sorry we are all in Alaska about this event. We have a hard time for the relatives and acquaintances of the affected people. "These ongoing studies will continue to concentrate on helping the affected person's families, the wider Alaska and Horizon families, and our congregations and people.

This is Gary Beck: "Horizon Air Q400, picked up by Sea-Tac International Airport, was not planned for travel at the outbreak. The air traffic control was in touch with the person during the short mission before they went down on Ketron Island, about an hours after they had departed Sea-Tac.

There were no floor textures affected by the collision. "We' re working in close cooperation with the agencies and our own security crews to gain a thorough understanding of this event. There is a toll-free helpline for anyone who thinks they may know the individual in the Horizon Air case. Approximately an hours later, the aircraft, which was removed from a service location and not intended for commercial use, went down in a forested area on Ketron Island in Pierce County.

There were no soil structure elements implicated at the scene of the accident. Militärjets were encrypted from Portland, but it does not seem that these planes were implicated in the Horizon airstrikes. It is assumed that this was the only one on board when the airplane was taken from a Sea-Tac service location who had not been clearly identifiable by the time the remnants were investigated.

Emergency first responder's at the scene of the accident. Updated 22:55 on August 10, 2018A brief comment by Constance of Mills of Horizon Air on today's incident: While Alaska is working to verify who was on the aircraft, it is assumed that there were no passenger or crews on the aircraft other than the operator.

We' re here to tell you about an event concerning an unauthorised launch of a Horizon Air Q400.

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