Sri Lanka


Situation, Geography, People, Economy, Culture & Story, Sri Lanka Srilanka, formerly Ceylon, islands in the Indic Ocean and seperated from the peninsula India by the Palk Strait. Since antiquity, the closeness to the sub-continent of India has enabled a strong intercultural relationship between Sri Lanka and India. Sri Lanka was also subjected to the influence of other Asiatic civilisations at a junction of sea lanes crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Later, the map makers in Europe named it Ceylon, a name that is still sometimes used for commercial use. In 1972 it became Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka's unmistakable civilisation with origins dating back to the sixth centuries BC is characterised by two factors: the conservation of Theravada Buddhism (the Buddhist orthodoxy tradition in the Pali language) and the evolution of a cleverly devised watering system in the dryer parts of the land over two thousand years.

These civilizations were further enhanced by the influence of Hinduism and Islam. 1948, after almost 150 years of UK domination, Sri Lanka became an autonomous nation, and seven years later it was incorporated into the United Nations. Created during Britain's reign as the most important metropolitan area, Columbo remained the Sri Lankan government and judiciary capitol; Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, a borough of Columbo, is the government city.

All of Sri Lanka is heavily settled. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful lands in the whole word because of its diverse natural surroundings. Sri Lanka is home to several ethnical groups, each with their own unique culture and inheritance, and has a very diverse culture as well.

News from Sri Lanka

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