Air Taxi Helicopter

Airtaxi Helicopter

It'?s important to clear the area behind the helicopter. Bell Helikopter develops air taxi with Uber In cooperation with Uber, the moving behemoth, Bell Helicopter develops a four-seater air taxi...

. Textron's affiliate presented its designs at the Consumer Electronics Show, which took place in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12. "is nearer than many believe. We believe in the benefits of our designs for road safety in towns around the world," said Bell President and CEO Mitch Snyder.

Whilst the aircraft should be suitable for stand-alone flying, Bell anticipates that a commercial airline will have a commercial airline onboard for at least the first few years of the journey. At the beginning of 2020, the producer is hoping to carry out a first test mission with servicing until the mid-20s. To make it a level comparable experience for ride-hauling operators such as Uber, an extensive infrastructural base is required, comprising many "vertiports" - current and prospective air taxi airfields - with electric loading points or other refuelling facilities, according to Bell's choice of drive.

In order to cover the anticipated demands, Bell is planning to build fleet of tens of thousands of such air taxi cars. The first use, should the company start, would be in towns that are both densely populated and huge and where road jams lead to a significant reduction in production uptime.

Glockenhubschrauber Electrical flight taxi: creeping glances

Hubschrauber are normally not found under the Gurget and Autowahnsinn at CES, but Bell Helicopter does not want to be seen as your generic supplier of verticals. It undertook the trip this weekend from its Fort Worth, Texas head office to Sin City to present its latest future concept: an electrically powered taxi.

It didn't take the whole plane, that is. It was Bell who just took the cab with him to underline the driving pleasure. The plan is to present the whole car with rotor and drive train at a later date. Our strategic goal was to create a cab room that would adapt the passengers to the uniqueness of flying vertically.

It' called a "soothing, restorative room" by Bell. "Unless your passenger feels at ease in an electrically operated air taxi (essentially an intersection of helicopter and drone), the notion of a brand-new public transport company will never take off. Nowadays, almost all those who use a helicopter for point-to-point trips are quite well-off.

Bells says she wants her electrical air taxi to be open to everyone else. "When you think of the guys we want to drive these cars with: my grandmother and her grandchildren, my two girls - three guys who basically would never have a shot at flying around in a helicopter," Drennan said.

In many respects, the air taxi is similar to another airplane introduced last year: the FCX-001. Like a helicopter from Metal Gear Solid, the conceptual car served as a stage for some of Bell's thoughts on the direction of flying vertically. Remarkable features in the FCX-001's styling are a hybridised engine, shape-changing rotors, an expansive fiberglass insert in the body, gullwing door panels and the use of enhanced functionality in the dashboard to steer the airplane.

Belonging to a group of airframe builders who last year said they would work with Uber to build a grid of on-demand electrical VTOL (or eVTOL) aircrafts. Bell, one of the biggest civil and defence powered high take-off vehicle producers in the US (producing both the V-22 Osprey and the upcoming V-280 Valor), said it hoped to build and have available a powered hybrids plane by Uber's 2020 pilot show date.

Perhaps Bell has other reasons to join the trend show at CES than to present a funky air taxi notion. One of the most severe disturbances to the helicopter sector was the collapse of crude-oil prices. Belonging to the Textron Group, which also owns Cessna Aircraft, Beechcraft and other businesses, Bell is a member of the group.

From the helicopter to the TVTOL, a turning point would be a sign for the investor that the enterprise is looking to the sun. Another rise in the price of crude suggests that some in the sector are expecting a pick-up in unit selling and perhaps even moderate economic upturn. Bell, however, is not satisfied with waiting, but looks at Uber and the buzzing around "flying cars" to support its share price.

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