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This also results in such a booking and the ticket must be issued. SriLankan Airlines in the App Store With SriLankan Airlines, you can make your journey with SriLankan Airlines even more comfortable. Our goal is to continually refine your experiences and self-service by offering an easy-to-access portable device with the features below: - Give us your invaluable feedback so that we can better our deliverables to better fulfill your needs and better service you.

Give us your invaluable feed -back in the reviews section of the shop. It is useful if you are flying with this airline. Please verify if there is an error when modifying the passwords. I' ve used the temporary passphrase and modified the passphrase to my preference, but in a new login it doesn't recognise either the modification or the temporary passphrase.

Srlankan Airlines Limited.

I need some help: Sri Lankan Airlines Issue - Sri Lanka Forum

I would greatly appreciate any counsel that any people on this board could make available. Essentially, I bought tickets online, on the Sri Lankan Airlines website, for my spouse and myself to travel from Colombo to Male (Maldives) and back again next months. The US office/representative of the airline says that in order to make a modification to a purchase made online, I must send an e-mail to the Colombo Bureau of the airline.

However, after an e-mail to the Colombo Bureau, the "e-commerce Bureau" informed me by e-mail that I would have to call the Bureau again to make a modification. If I have tried to call it (as well as a few other Colombo Bureau enhancements provided by the website, 5500 and 3851) from the United States, I receive a logged note stating that the number is no longer in use.

Then when an incumbent tried for me, she received a note that "due to deceptive activities, phone conversations are not accepted". Has anyone got a recent Colombo Bureau number or any suggestion on how I can try to make a fairly easy modification to my tickets under these conditions?

Thank you for all information and suggestions!

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