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General Terms and conditions for domestic flight bookings

It is your responsibility to make payment in full before confirming your reservation. No refunds will be given for "no-shows" or partly idle tickets. Refunds for partial tickets will be made in accordance with the airlines' general business policy and may take up to 90 workdays. In order to qualify for toddler rates, an infant must be less than 24 month of age during the whole trip you are making.

According to the carrier's regulations, the default check-in period begins 2 hrs in advance of scheduled flight departures for domestic services. Passengers on overseas departures must wait 3 hrs before checking in. Passengers must arrive at least 2 hrs in advance of Air India and Air India Express domestic services are deemed no-shows.

If an online rebooking is made, the airline's valid cancelation charges will automatically cancel the previous reservation ID and generate a new reservation ID according to the latest prices. We will charge these fees to you when we make changes to your itineraries. You can also change all reservations made through us by directly phoning the Airline Call Center.

Revocation policy:: Cancellations by telephone are also accepted. We will only consider cancellations made through our Member Services department either on-line or by telephone or e-mail (for e-mails, the journey date must be more than 48 hours). In the case of e-tickets, if your cancelation is requested less than 4hrs prior to your flight date, you must directly notify the carrier to have your booking canceled.

Reimbursement: There are different turnaround rates for cancellations and refunds. Reimbursement will be made to the same bank from which the money was paid. If, for example, the user has used a debit-card, the company will reverse the transaction. In case of cancellations and refunds of partial ticket use, the rebate and promotional codes used at the moment of reservation will be subtracted from the amount refunded.

Should the passenger have canceled his/her reservation directly with the airline companies, he/she must notify the airline with his/her current documents in order to start the reimbursement procedure. You are advised to turn to the firm within 48 working days of the termination notice being requested. Return possible only if the flight is canceled by the airline.

Reimbursement may only be made by the carrier after receiving and/or confirming the reimbursement from the client. Should the client opt for a reimbursement in the amount of goingCash, he can get the bonuses according to the available advertising opportunities.

1 balance of your Google Cash is equivalent to 1 rupee. Bonuses for Google Cash are only cashed in after all other Google Cash accounts have been used. Every times the client cashes in his Google Cash, he will be notified by e-mail and/or cell phone. If a client makes a reservation with his goesCash loyalty card, in the case of a reservation being cancelled, the goesCash loyalty card used will be added to his bankroll.

Reservations made with Google Cash as a method of purchase will not qualify for the promotional rebate requiring the completion of valid credit/debit card/net bank data, or will be eligible for discounts on Google Cash reservations. Refund possible only if the flight is canceled by the airline. Food is serviced only once on connection services.

Refreshments depend on the flight type and flight time. There is a fee of 60 rubles for the termination of the domestic policy. The volatility of the airline sector has caused delays in airline payments and delays in ticket refunds.

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