Air Ticket Prices Sri Lanka

Flight ticket prices Sri Lanka

The Malindo Airways has a flight from Norman Y. Discount flights from Colombo to Dubai It is the biggest and most populous town in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has been described as the "shopping capitol of the Middle East" and has more than 70 malls, among them the Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the whole wide range of goods. There are many exciting sights and places to visit in Dubai, as well as the Dubai Creek Park, which offers a wide range of cultural events such as the Dolphinarium, funicular, camping and birds shows.

Dubai really has something to do with its lovely sandy shores. What are Colombo's destinations to Dubai? The Bandaranaike is the most famous Colombo to Dubai flight destination and the most important Sri Lanka destination. It' s about 20 leagues from Colombo.

From Colombo to Dubai mainly fly to Dubai International Airport. What airline companies provide services from Colombo to Dubai? And Emirates is the largest operator for these services, with day to day departure and no service. flyingdubai and SriLankan also provide day to day departure and no service. Others, such as Air India, Cathay, China Eastern, IndiGo, Jet Airways, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman Air, Singapore, SpiceJet, Saudi Arabian, Thai and Turkish, also provide day trips but need a service.

Chinese Southern, Gulf Air, JAL, Korean, KLM and UIA provide some extra weekly sailings. What's the duration of the plane? There is a 4 hr 15 minute fly from Columbo to Dubai. Columbo is 1 hr and 30 min from Dubai. Whilst the hot temperatures in Columbo are constant throughout the year, Dubai is experiencing more diverse and extremely hot temperatures from May to September.

There is very little rains in Dubai, while Colombo has two monsoons, with the most rainfall between May and August and again between October and January. Dubai's UAE Dirham is its local capital, and it can be purchased at most of Dubai's major shopping centre banking, airport, hotel and bureau de change facilities.

Available upon your arrive in Dubai. Beware of Dubai's culture standards, as in certain places a kiss is unlawful and can lead to expulsion. Being one of the most costly towns in the Middle East, a visit to Dubai can be a little shocking for theallet.

Dubai's business is largely dependent on income from the tourist industry, and since Dubai's tourist industry is so loved, there is much to see and do. Other interesting places and things to do are the lovely sandy shores, Dubai Creek Park, Dubai Mall, led dessert walks and the Dubai Museum. Dubai has something to offer for every tastes with a truly cosmopolitan dining world.

48,195,047,545 round trips have been scan and found the best prices on airline tickets to Dubai. flydubai & Oman Air often give you the best deal on airline tickets to Dubai, or choose your airline below to see the best prices on airline dates. From the Internet we gathered information on air fares for the journey from Colombo to Dubai and estimated the mean fare for this journey at LKR47.654.

How can I buy low cost Colombo to Dubai airfares? Airline companies can change the price of Colombo to Dubai ticket depending on the date and hour you are booking your ticket. We' ve gathered information from all the airline companies and found that Tuesdays, Wendesdays and Saturdays are often the best dates to make reservations.

For more information, please see our articles on the best times to buy airfare. Below is a table of current information on how long you can make reservations in advance for your trip from Colombo to Dubai. A total of 57,595,778,181 route researches that we have seen for departure flights over the next 90 working days have been carried out and we have found that the best date for flights from Colombo to Dubai is Monday.

In the following table you will find a price comparison for other dates of the day. Cheap airfares are possible in most cases if you buy between one and three weeks in advance. However, you may not be able to get the best price. You may need to purchase additional tickets in advance to make your trip abroad or on vacation. Below table shows the lowest fares per capita for Colombo to Dubai travel.

Are you looking for low -cost last minutes or weekends? We have put together for you a selection of Colombo to Dubai holiday offers. Below the graph shows the best last minute offers and inexpensive tickets this week-end that we could find. Travelling between some towns can be significantly less expensive if you opt for a multi-stop ticket.

Even though these connections do not provide comfort, travellers are saving an estimated 20%-60% when choosing a multi-stop compared to a one-way one. LKR59.941 is the median fare for connections from Colombo to Dubai. Mean fare for Colombo to Dubai is LKR 52,635 per person. Below is a table showing current information on non-stop Colombo to Dubai services.

Often we have noticed that there is no change in prices between the purchase of a sightseeing tour and a one-way one. Greater versatility is the key advantage when purchasing a one-way ticket from Colombo to Dubai. Reserving a sightseeing tour can, however, be a much easier procedure.

Comparing outbound and return trips with our comparative offers. One way fare from Colombo to Dubai averages LKR 26,235. Mean return fare from Colombo to Dubai is LKR53,299. In the following you will find some frequently asked question about this route:

What is the duration of the Colombo to Dubai trip? From Colombo to Dubai the airport has an approximate flying speed of 4 hrs and 23 mins. What is the furthest from Colombo to Dubai? Colombo is 3,287 kilometres (2,043 miles) from Dubai. What is the frequency of Colombo to Dubai flying directly? We have 40 non-stop connections from Colombo to Dubai.

Which are Colombo's most favourite carriers for non-stop Colombo to Dubai services? The Emirates airline provides 52% of non-stop services between Colombo and Dubai. Which are the most favourite connection towns on the way from Colombo to Dubai? You wonder which airline flies from Colombo to Dubai? We have calculated the avarage fare of Colombo carriers with a flight to Dubai.

Various companies provide different comforts and services, so you should consider your choice of company for your comforts. In the following you will find the complete timetable overview, which shows on which day of the month the different air companies are offering the next 30 day trip. They are the main passenger terminals we are currently supervising in Colombo and Dubai.

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