How much does it Cost to get a Private Jet

What does it cost to get a private jet?

The ARGUS ratings for jet operators - How much does it cost to charter a private aircraft? It's very rare that we can't charter anyone, but the cost changes simply due to the availability or location of available aircraft. The FBOs determine their own price structure for parking, tie-down or hangaring. Receive a LIVE offer for your private jet. Consideration should be given to the areas in which management companies differ, namely size, experience and cost.

What does it cost to service a Bombardier Challenger 600 per year?

Bombadier Challenger 600 is a medium-sized private jet manufactured by Canadair, a department of Bombardier Aerospace. The Challenger 600 is roomy, economic and equipped with highly effective airplane power, offering the power of an airplane without the associated high overhead. What does a private jet cost? A new private jet's cost will depend on whether it is a lightweight, medium or large commercial jet.

In the Bombadier rank, lightweight corporate aircraft in the $8 to $13 million class, mid-range corporate aircraft in the $17 to $31 million class and large corporate aircraft cost approximately $50 million. The new Challenger 605 will cost around 27 million dollars. In addition to the high overheads and current servicing cost, pilots' and crews' pay, insurances and other variable factors need to be taken into account.

A lot of businesses are now choosing to hire private aircraft. What's it like renting a private jet? While the cost of chartering an aircraft or renting a private jet varies according to a wide range of considerations, in general a small private jet can cost you in the order of $5,000 per hour, while a large, full-fledged jet can cost you up to $13,000 per hour. However, the cost of a small private jet can be as much as $5,000 per year.

A private jet lessor will usually make you an offer after having discussed your needs in respect of the jet sizes you need, the travel distances and the number of aircrafts. Each private jet must be regularly checked and routinely maintained as requested by the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) in America, TCCA (Transport Canada Civil Aviation) in Canada or an authority in your state.

A number of inspections must be carried out according to the flight time of the jet or the month or years that have passed between security and service check. Estimates have been made that regional maintanance cost can range from 10% to 45% of overall cost of ownership, dependent on certain variable factors.

A Bombadier Challenger 600 has running cost of approximately $5,200 perhour, so the cost can quickly accumulate to dramatic levels based on overall flight time. Flyer pay, hanger dues, crewing practice, insurances, maintenance and other expenses can cost you well over $1 million a year.

The Bombadier 600 is a medium-sized private jet, offering not only economic performance but also unmatched cab interior in its category. Privately owned aircraft are costly to purchase, run and service, so chartering a jet is becoming more and more common, rather than buying full property.

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