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sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] An FFP is a fidelity programme provided by an Airline. Most airlines have FFP programmes aimed at encouraging passengers participating in the programme to earn points (also referred to as mileage, kilometres or segments) which can then be exchanged for flights or other awards. The points collected under an FFP may depend on the category of ticket, the distances travelled with that carrier or its affiliates or the amount of money received.

In recent years, for example, more points have been collected with credits and debits than with flights. The points can be spent on flights, other goods or provision of higher value items such as changes of classes, entry to the terminal lounges, quick boarding or preferred reservations.

The majority of major airlines around the globe have FFPs, each with a programme name and guidelines and limitations on membership, points collection and redemption. Most if not all programmes give away revenue incentives to travelers in premier cabins and to their top members on the basis of animal rank; an additional 25%-100% of flying mileage is a normal reward.

Whilst these points are not counted towards promotion to (or maintenance of) élite level, they are counted towards the member's overall account balances for standard use. A number of major airlines work with airlines to provide a co-branded debit voucher or the opportunity to apply points in their reward scheme to an airline's programme.

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"Getting elite hotel status quickly through matches, challenges and credit cards." "have elite status matching opportunities. Retracted 2016-06-11. Elite trip status received. Retracted 2016-06-11. Status match newsworthy 2016 - Business trips airlines hotel lounge airline high-frequented.

Retracted 2016-06-11. Ullman, Whitney (August 28, 2014). "The Golden Nugget is offering a'Trade Up' cardholder programme open to all." MASSIVELY ATLANTIC CITY CASINO LOYALTY CLUB STATUS GAME IS IN GOING". RECIPROCITY AND COMPATING" ELITE STATUS. In the flyer. Join MSC Kreuzfahrten and benefit from all the privileges of other loyalty programs!

"Getting a hotel top rating quickly through matches, challenges and credit cards." 10 EXZELLENTE ED TRIP √ČLITE STATUE MATCH + ALMOST TRACKS POSSIBILITIES....". Free (and easy!) Top-animal hire vehicle Status. How to get the best possible ranking of a rented vehicle for free". 15 August 2018.

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