Aviation Interior Design

Aeronautics Interior Design

Leather is unsurpassed for business or private aircraft designers who want to bring their interiors to a new level. Ornamental and comfortable lighting, high-quality materials and intelligent functions ensure individual interior design for craftsmen. LAMINATES / FILMS Foil laminations for ceiling, windows and containers; Reinforced laminations for heavy-duty areas such as kitchens, trolleys and partitions; Thermo-plastic boards for windows and backrests;

and ductile, non-slip, non-textile floor coverings. With our decorating fabrics we provide highest qualitiy and at the same time we offer our customers the best value for money. Accurate, customized printing up to 60 " width, with the high yields and low costs of a fanfold reel laminat.

Mask oversized sandwich boards without stitching, less garbage, less effort and work. Be flexible to fit everything from composites to three-dimensional airplane interiors. Ornamental fabrics are delivered in endless reels or boards and are available in a wide variety of customised colours, printing and textured embossing with various gluing choices.

Developed for conventional thermomoulding of inflexible parts and accessories, they are produced in pressure gauges from 1.0 to 3.2 mm (0.04" to 0.125") and comply with the latest flame and fume emission standards. Our product range meets all current standards for combustibility, shelf life and abrasion.

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Working together with our qualified and seasoned engineers, our design professionals will ensure that your interior is not only luxurious and meets your requirements, but also the perfect fitting and workmanship that will last for years. Nearly every facet of an airplane interior is crafted by us, right down to the seams on the seat.

And our award-winning indoor spaces have won the praise and esteem of industry leaders and organisations around the globe. Internally, all interior design issues are dealt with.

E/Motions Studios, supplemented by AMAC Aerospace

For a long time, we have been an established market leaders and preferential producer of high grade airplane cushion leathers for aerospace leaders. With our design and production capability, we have full command of yields, qualities and compliance with rigorous tests, offering a broad variety of bearing and special colours, surfaces and embossing.

Unmatched for commercial or personal airplane interior decorators looking to bring their interior to a new level. This is a permanent, high-performance cushioning fabric. With good care, leathers amortize over a period of years and are more than capable of meeting the requirements of the aerospace sector. Our leathers are not only long lived and luxury, but can also be adapted to any interior.

We also offer custom cut programmes, following marketing assistance from our affiliate The Leather Institute, and the ability to comply with all power, mass and FAA flammability requirements.

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