Price of a 747 Jumbo Jet

The price for a 747 Jumbo Jet

This is a difficult question to be precise, but I can tell you that the tyres have a very short life due to friction on the ground when an aircraft lands. What is the price of a tyre for a 747? This is a tricky issue to be precise, but I can tell you that the tires have a very brief service lifetime due to floor rubbing when a plane land. Getting from statically to 180mph in half a second is pretty much a pain for a tire, so I've created a single aluminum hubcap that can be screwed to the tires so the winds will turn them once they're depressed.

Not up to 180 miles per hour, but testing showed that 160 miles per hour could be achieved, which would increase the lifespan of the tires by at least 75% and thus enable major savings for carriers. I was told by the German Federal Institute of Intellectual Property that I was not the first to have this concept, but that a certain tire company (which must stay anonymous for law reasons) immediately purchased such patented products so that they could keep selling more tires.

In my view, this is an intolerable practise, but unfortunately completely legitimate.

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