Wisma Taxi Stand

Taxi stand Wisma

" If there are no taxis, try ION's taxi rank meters away." The Moovit offers you the best routes to the taxi stand @ Wisma Atria by public transport. Taxis are easily accessible and have many taxis. Obstgarten Turn off in front of the Wisma Atria shopping centre. Taxis / stop, collection / return of parts within the CBD.


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Getting to the Wisma Atria taxi rank in Singapore by bus or metro| Moovit

Please click here for up-to-date schedules, scheduled arrival dates and step-by-step instructions. Which are the closest taxi stops @ Wisma Atria? Find the closest taxi rank @ Wisma Atria: Are you looking for route description to Taxi Stand @ Wisma Atria in Singapore, Singapore? Locate actual timings for all itineraries available with a step-by-step guide in a real hour from Taxi Stand @ Wisma Atria.

Select from a selection of bus and tram stations near the taxi stand @ Wisma Atria: Turn orchard - Opp Stn/Ion orchard (09023); Ns22 orchard; Blvd orchard - Bef Stn orchard outlet B (09022); Rd orchard - Tang Plaza (09047); Rd orchard - Stn/Lucky Plaza orchard (09048). Select bus or metro choices you can take to get to Taxistand @ Wisma Atria.

You would like to schedule your way back from the taxi stand @ Wisma Atria but don't know the road adress?

Close to the MRT ward - Inspection of the Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

You will find this commercial centre in the immediate vicinity of the Orchard MRT centre. It' not really gigantic, but there are many stores that sell many different brand names. There is also a fantastic grocery store. It is a commercial centre connected to offices, full of businesses. Stores are less expensive than in Ion Orchard, so that's good. There's a grocery store on the top level where you can get a flavour of the cuisine.

It is a relatively small commercial centre, but it is full of great stores and a fantastic grocery store. It is situated in the centre of the Orchard Road. It is connected to the fruit garden and is situated next to the Obstgarten meadowestation. This taxi stand is easy to reach and has many taxi cabs.

There are a number of costly and cheap stores, among them coaches and lake cafes as well as some nice jewelry and clock stores. There is a Foodcourt on floor 4 with different booths. Large upper floor restaurant with a large grocery store ("Food Republic") and many stores that offer clocks, such as Red Army Watches (specialized in clocks made in Russia and mechanics).

Were you at the Wisma Atria mall?

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