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Air Cinnamon Sri Lanka

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Sri Lankan Air Taxi - Cinnamon Air

The Cinnamon Air Taxis is the new luxurious Sri Lanka carrier. You have one foot or great enjoyment, eight passengers Cessna Amphibian and Grand Caravan aircraft. Between $170 and $256 per capita. His going to be a festivity for sure however if you are impoverished then our trip a long cab will beat a luxurious leisure for you.

Great Adventure

Eranga Dear Eranga Go, thank you for having flown with Cinnamon Air and for your great rating. Thank you for having found travelling with us pleasant and unforgettable. Don't consider this a mere transportation technique, but a singular event in itself. Thank you for your flight with Cinnamon Air and for your excellent rating.

Thank you for making travelling with us a pleasant and unforgettable event. Best regards, we took the seaplane with Kandy and went down to Kandy. GabrielaMSteiner, thank you for choosing Cinnamon Air and to share your experiences. Thank you for visiting us and for the pleasure you took in travelling with us.

Best regards If you don't have much spare moment and want to see more places in Sri Lanka, I recommend you to use the Cinnamon Aircraft. Because Cinnamon Air is flying almost everywhere on the whole Isle. Superior customer care. Thank you for visiting us and for the pleasure you took in travelling with us. There are no regular services from Koggala to Kandy according to our timetable.

Our investigation into this issue revealed that none of our members of the teams had said that we were operating such services. Best regards, have you been to Cinnamon Air Scenic Fellows?

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