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Fly from Find the Cheapest Flights! Ten low-cost carriers change Africa's sky Cheap carriers operate throughout the entire Asia-Pacific chain to serve the continent's burgeoning mid-range segment. In 1988 Africa's countries entered into an "Open Skies" treaty, similar to the one in Europe, which paved the way for achievements like easeJet. "More than a billion inhabitants live on the Africa continents, which account for only 3% of the world's air transport business," says Ed Winter, CEO of fasjet in Tanzania.

"Clearly, the continents still urgently need an enhanced and accessible air link. "There is a long history of unsuccessful projects - Velvet Sky and 1time in South Africa both went bankrupt in 2012. In the past year FLY 540 has stopped its flights to Accra and Luanda. A South African aerospace consultancy, Blue Crane is hoping to begin carrying business travellers this year.

There are 10 carriers here that are already driving Africa's voyage revolution: Kulula.com was launched in 2001 as the first low-cost African career provider. In their distinctive verdant aircraft, cabin crew joke about security advisories and are known to interview passenger who are not paying close attention. What is more, they are also known for their ability to make the most of the time. However, the air company is also a serious deal. The operator is South African Comair, the British Airways regional operator.

Fast-Jet, one of the most ambitioned of the new carrier, launched on Tanzania's inland lines in 2011. Our company has a great deal of expertise and support. Ed Winter, his CEO, is a former easyJet manager who has a share in the company. At the same time, the carrier has made it its goal to open up the profitable home markets of Southern Africa and negotiate new flights through the area.

Like any other carrier, flyafrica.com has filled the gap created by the shrinking Air Zimbabwe. Using Johannesburg as a gateway, flights began last year with breathtaking features such as 99 Rand ($9) journeys to Victoria Falls. As well as this beloved run, he also travels the normally expensive Harare flight to relieve the hundred thousand Zimbabweans who live in South Africa.

His striking bright red aircraft mainly take off within South Africa and the Zanzibar vacation seasoning isle. FlySafair, one of South Africa's newest competition, launched in October and has tried to establish a client relationship with Kulula and Mango. Here is an air carrier that shows both the unbelievable opportunities as well as the challenge of building new itineraries through Africa.

FLY 540 is successful in Kenya, where its flights even link the wild field station Lotwar with the remainder of the state. Founded in 2014 by Kenya Airways, the low-cost carrier operates only four destinations, but aeronautical regulators have opened the way for JamboJet to fly over Africa from Nairobi and Mombasa.

Formerly a restless name in Namibian air travel, this company was closed down due to the 2012 accident in which 153 Lagos residents died. It is still working on certification by the IATA, the German Air Transport Association, but has restarted national itineraries. RoadDubai links 12 towns in Africa across the Gulf. Even though the company is not located in Africa, it links 12 continental towns when travellers don't disturb a stay in Dubai. In 2014, the company circumnavigated six towns and this year opened a new service to Hargeisa in Somaliland.

Meanwhile, the new company has just begun to sell seats for its first flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town, planned for 5 March. It is a new start for the one-time shutter, whose top managers stand behind the new company. The towns served: Shea is a South African resident author and traveller.

Android' latest product is a journey application for Africa for iPhone and Android.

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