Application for Private Hire Driver Licence

Request for the issuance of a private rental driving licence

Application for a new private rental driving licence Driving licenses are available on request for 1 year. Once you have been a private rental driver for 1 year, you have the opportunity to extend your driver's license for either 1 year or 3 years. In order to be a private rental driver, you must either have a private driving licence or a job or be in possession of a private rental company.

Prior to requesting a private rental driver's license, you must ensure that you can comply with the terms of our policies for HGVs and private rental licenses. Then you need to call us to make an arrangement to come to the agency and conduct an interview with a licensee.

You must take these with you to the interview: Immigration Act 2016 now means that we have to consider whether all candidates for a private commercial driving licence have the right to work in the UK. You will find the shortlist of accepted documentation on the back of the application from.

Passport: Your genuine photo card driver's license. This is a test coded version of the German Driver's License Association (DVLA) that allows us to see your license status on-line. Our verification codes are very case-sensitive, so please let us know which letters are uppercase and which are lowercase. Inspection codes only last 21 before they expire.

There' s a police register checking the number. For each of our private hire riders, we have to conduct an extended police register examination, the so-called DBS-examination. If you fill in the DBS application form on-line, you will receive a credential number which you must give us. A £67 charge will apply if you wish to continue with the DBS test.

It must be prepaid before we can sign your application. You have to plan about 40 min for the interviews. During your job application meeting, the approval representative will discuss the next phase of the application with you. You will need your family doctor to fill out a report sheet to evaluate your state of fitness and confirm that you are ready to take a cab.

You will receive this application at your job application. You must take our test and the licensee will tell you at your job application how to reserve it. Your application will not be considered until all prerequisites have been met. You have to charge us a small amount for your private driver's license.

Your personally identifiable information will be stored and used by the East Devon District Council for Licensing Service needs, to handle your private license applications and to manage all licenses issued. We may also share your information within the East Devon County Council to perform our statutory duties.

Failure to do so will result in your personally identifiable information not being shared with anyone outside the East Devon District Council without your consent unless there is a legitimate cause to do so, for example, disclosing it is necessary for the purpose of preventing or detecting crimes. You will find further details about the use of your person-related data in the respective data protection declaration.

As soon as we have all the information we need, your driver's license will either be issued by a license official or will need to be reviewed by the licenses subcommittee.

When your application needs to be reviewed by the Licenses Subcommittee, we will inform you and send you the documents for the oral presentation so that you can participate in the oral presentation. When you come to the agency and want to talk to us about your application, please call us to make an appointment. We will be happy to help you.

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