Apply for Taxi Driver Licence

Application for a taxi driver's license

licencing office is located in: Application for a taxi driver's license Taxis are issued by us at our own expense. Licenses are double, which means you can do both hackney carriage and rental work. If you are 19 years of age or older, you can apply for a license; we are convinced that you are a suitable individual to have one.

You must present your valid driver's license as evidence. Licensing Duty Office, West Gate Plaza, 1 West St, Barnsley S70 ADR. If you want to talk to an official, you must make an appointement by phone. It may be necessary for you to appear before our Licensing Regulatory Board if there are doubts as to your eligibility to own a license, such as in the event of a conviction.

Students can take a theoretical test at the Licensing Duty Offices, West Gate Plaza, 1 West St, Barnsley S70 Disclaimer, and the corresponding fees are payable. You' ll have to make an appointement to see this bureau. You will need a DBS Checks to obtain a license, and you can make an appointment with the DBS Council's DBS Checking Service to make sure someone is available to fill out the registration for you.

Please call 01226 773428 to make an arrangement. If you have a domestic policy number, your home country identification, your driver's license (both parts) and a current ID, you will need to provide it. Trials are carried out by the Blue Lamp Trust and Taxi Driver Solutions. You can book the Blue Lamp Trust test courses either on-line or by calling 0333 700 0157.

Taxicab Driver Solutions are able to provide both the regular taxi rating and the advanced taxi rating - including a wheeled chair practice. Drivers' licenses (combined Hackney carrier & personal driver) are available for either 1 year or 3 years. A £137 registration charge applies to a 1 year licence and a 221 for a 3 year licence.

Payment can be made by credit/debit cards in our Licensing Duty Office or by calling 01226 773843. Taxi driving licence does not allow you to operate a van with more than 8 passengers. You need a PSV license to do this.

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