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The black taxis (also called Hackney cars) are the traditional taxis in London. English Taxis - Cheap Taxi Offers & Book Online A taxi to England is often the most comfortable way to plan a journey, organise a corporate tour or get from a to by. There are a number of taxi operators who can reduce the stress of urban traffic with low cost offers and fast trips. In order to reserve an England taxi, just let us know where you are going and from where, we will find the best England taxi rates available for you.

Do you need to reserve a taxi? As soon as you have found a taxi in England with which you are satisfied, you can make your reservation today. Do you need a taxi to the UK Internationalport? You can also use our England taxi services to take you from the UK airports to England. When you are looking for a taxi in England from a more isolated part of the UK, we can find English taxi businesses that you can easily find on-line.

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London, England, has many practical ways of getting around the city, both publicly and privately, among them an expansive subway known as theube and the famous double-decker coaches. Though many London busses operate around the clock, the metro operates from Monday to Saturday from 5 a.m. to midnight, Sundays being less.

Call a taxi if you want a door-to-door taxi pick-up and drop off. There is a rich pool of taxis available in London, which can be welcomed on the road or prebooked. One of the features of London's taxis is that the driver is a source of information. Prospective taxi riders need to be thoroughly familiar with London's roads and attractions and the closest distances between two points before they can acquire a licence.

To do this, you must remember over 25,000 roads and 320 itineraries before taking the test known as The Knowledge. This means that if you get into a taxi, your chauffeur is a useful resource for information and travel advice as well as an experienced navigation expert. Unaccompanied taxis can transport up to five persons, baggage included, at a total price per passenger with no additional charge.

The cabins are handicapped access, many with loading platforms and rotating seating for added comfort. You can tip taxi riders as much as you want, according to the London website visitors to London, but most will come to the next quid. "There are two important distinctions between mini labs and taxis.

Mini labs must be phoned or reserved in advanced and cannot be welcomed on the road or placed in the queue. Minicab riders have no knowledge and are not road and path specialists. It has the added benefit that mini cars can be less expensive than taxi cars. A further important point is that mini kabs, such as taxis, must be licenced.

On the road, if a mini cab rider tries to lure you into his car without a call in advance, he will not be allowed and will violate the laws. According to the London website visited, "All privately rented cars have a unique Transport for London licence disk on the front and back windshield.

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