Charter Cable Problems

Problems with the charter cable

Any problems with your TV signal, telephone problems or the Internet is down? Find out if the charter has failed or if there are problems with the service today. Rebooting a cable box: Sequence 8 (with pictures) MedMobile is a non-profit organization focused on the improvement of healthcare in hard-to-reach areas. MedMobile is fulfilling its mandate by developing, deploying and assisting a collaborative SW-Kit to help healthcare professionals in the local Community work together to deliver outcomes. Thank you for having helped us to fulfill our missions, to help others, to help us learning how to do something.

The service has failed and is not functioning.

Do you have any problems? Sincerely the mercier charterer suckers!!!! cargo on a nice, bright morning... again Liburnian charter, agent and freight forwarder work together for the best results! Charters - Spectrum Internets has failed once again. Charter, pull yourself together. So why don't these charter colleges get hurt? What is there to say about a taxpayer-funded press group that is openly disregarding its charter?

Another man's charter doesn't work? Guys, I'm happy Charter's out, so I don't have to look at this garbage.

Yacht Charter Communications Reviews: Things to know

The supervisor said that there was no way to modify the postcode for the credit cards I used for the payments. A very rude scream and said to me that the postcode associated with the ticket was not a reason to run the ticket to pay. When I felt humbled, I said OK to him and hanged.

A few moments later I was able to find out how to modify the postcode on-line and the payments went smoothly and my services were re-established. I' ve been a client for over 5 years and when my agreement expires I will switch to another provider.

The whole thing took over 2 hours until I had solved the issue myself after talking to him like shit. Some members of my familiy have Spectrum and after that they will also change. Bad client services. Walter was protective, non-professional and had a severe lack of client support in handling a puzzled and angry client.

I had to talk to 6 different people to make sure the information was accurate for 2 days. Restarting the web several days a week is a rare problem for someone who works from home, and does not match the web speeds in the packet. I have to call to make changes, etc., which is very old-fashioned and time-consuming.

When a business boasts about its technologies, you allow the client to make changes for moves, grievances, feedbacks, etc. over the web. In the hope that a high-speed network for those who work from home will be brought into the region to offer more opportunities instead of adhering to the Charter.

Customers should not have to give the devices back physical if they no longer want to receive services or if the devices are obsolete. I' ve been a charterer for over 10 years, too shame they haven't upgraded their services and have not. In case a complaints needs to be called (waste of time) or an e mails in the complaints (WHAT and WHY should I send if there is email????).

I waited for the new networking shows to take place and Charter Spectrum was losing the momentum on all major locally available TVs. Looks like every high quality thing comes up, the charter looses its sign. I spent an hours on the telephone with Spectrum Cable to determine my cable schedule, and after that an install date with a windows between 14:00 and 15:00 was chosen.

Never have I ever got a callback from Spectrum to postpone an appointment or provide an excuse. On the phone, I talked to the support department, who offered no other kind of happiness than "Sorry". "I am totally repulsed by their so-called client services because they promote the importance of the customer's own working hours.

First, because they sever the cable and all nothing works digitally, and they won't do business if you're with them for decade, just new people. Multiple channel never work with the speaker, they are constantly pixeled. It'?s your money for a non-working telephone system, you spend long periods of your life on the telephone with them.

"We' re conscious of the issue, our technicians are working really hard to solve it. It'?s what they say verbatim, on the telephone or on-line. When you get Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon or ANY other application that has this feature, Spectrum quit selling it this time. Now...they provide high performance 100 bit/s web, they cost more for $80.

You' re in luck if you get a fourth of that velocity, and that's not just sometimes, it's all the while. Where do I know I can rely on these ratings from Charter Communications? I knew after a single full days of servicing that it was the most awful kind of servicing I ever had.

Drop error freeze in the wait. My request was for my telephone number to be taken over by AT&T and it is in their work order that they sent me by email. Once installed, I realised they had a new number and when I phoned to make a complaint, they said it was my debt and I had to open the AT&T bank again to transfer the number to?????.

It' a crummy and impolite field agent. See if you have any problems. Kristina, the support agent, was the most snobbish and impolite individual I've ever had to deal with in support. Whenever I asked a particular number of questions, she gave me an intelligent** answer and told me why the other online businesses were doing less well than her.

I' m wasting my precious amount of browse around looking for other suppliers because they said there was nothing they could do about my bill rising to an additional $20 a months after 3 years with them. I' m saying that I still want to separate her ministries and without asking myself on which date she says, "Okay, your web is off now.

And then she says to me that I have to go 1 and 1/2 hour to disconnect the modems, I ask to talk to a supervisor, and she waits on the telephone with me for 30 min. Eventually telling me that there is no managers, but I can get a pickup at home only at the customer care if I can undertake one night to be at home for full 12 Stunden to maintain.

In what part of the globe does this business offer services? This is the one where those who work really hard to make a livelihood don't want to spend $70 a months on the web, or spend 1 1/2 hour driving, or 12 hour sitting at home to give gear back to a terrible outfit.

Asking question about the accounting record while I was on the telephone with her " wait for her supervisor", I said she would refer me even though she had the information in front of her and did nothing anyway. Thank you for making your duties so hard and strenuous. 4 month ago we relocated and relocated our facilities.

Now, 2 and a half nights later, they have interrupted our services and want their cash. But they don't give a damn, they don't make a difference. You have the highest price for the poorest services. Cable often runs out, can often not be made accessible if necessary. Duty is very sluggish and often falls down. Once I had Dish TV and one night I had a situation.

The cute young Philippine maid had me put on ice for 5 min, came back and the issue was over. Let's discuss Charter Spectrum now. I have asked for at least 20 requests for help to fix the manual and make my DVR work correctly.

I let the TV go out half a dozen nights and got no services. I talked to many tech consultants and the excuses: "Oh, we are working on the guide", "We have problems. It is the hardest trigger I have ever seen in my whole lifetime.

I' m 64 years old and I'm totally outraged that this cable society can't get the guide to work in 2018. Obviously Charter Spectrum doesn't take good value for your bucks, but they don't offer good services and good returns. I' d never suggest that anyone get the charter spectrum for anything.

What about you hundred gigabytes of lnternet? My mobile or computer has the quickest ever 20mph. 80% of my web bill should be reimbursed because it's all I get is 20% of what they say they will. Just got off the telephone with a Spectrum agent (Charter Communications) because of problems with my modems.

Christopher, the sales rep I talked to, was direct to the point, modest and sincere, pointing out to me that the loan the billings division would give me is completely segregated from any loan I could draw from losing my job. Said a technician could take a close look and give a voucher for any "lost service" I had undergone.

It was an extraordinary Spectrum (Charter) client support expertise, and I support this organization as a firm with appropriate client support, quickly. When considering this type of rating, please call someone within the organization and speak to them before taking the ratings seriously. Many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to take the opportunity to browse through it, and many thanks to Spectrum for solving my problem.

There were many ISPs for web services and none of them were so poor. My connection to the web is interrupted every morning and when you call your local offices, they say it's because you don't have enough bandwidth to process my use. I' m using it for Netflix only and my mobile is always disconnected from WiFi (because it doesn't work anyway) and it doesn't work no matter what my schedule is.

They not only sucks their services, but their support staff is almost unable to help you and they are constantly increasing your fees without informing you. I' ve been a client of Zeit Warner/Spectrum for over 20 years, I'm very unhappy with the services, now that it's Spectrum...... Every six months my bill goes up and the people who help on the telephone are skilled to say that your promotion services are finished, so your bill goes up, every year they put me on a promotion services and that's not what I ask.

When you want to put me on a promotion set, then let my bill with the promotion rates she had for the last year. I' m up from $120 to $160, I' m gonna change services. As soon as I let Spectrum go, don't mail me any stuff that asks me to come back, you lose a faithful client.

Well, my WIFI bill on the web began at $50 a months, which is sane. At the end of the "advertising time" it rose to 60 dollars a months, which was a disappointment, but still not too serious. Barely a year after reaching $60 a month, it' s now a massive $70 a months just for the web!

Calling to complaining about the 40% increase with terrible, delayed and blotchy web, they essentially said it's just the way it is. They didn't even bother about the loss of a good paid client in any way. THE BOYCOTT SPECTRUM. Terrible wait-and-see attitude. I just got off the phones with these lowlifes!

See you charter/spectrum, whoever you are! Everything began when it was still Warner Cable. Right from the start the bill was false every single months, they were always trying to get more of it. When it was finally up to the point of informing the general public, the Charter claimed that it was so much better. Problems persist, although it is no longer the case every single months, but a whole series of more **.

Just for it to be taken away 11 months later, but they began by giving me $3 less each month each for three month than the remainder of the residual amount. So when I phoned, they were arguing with me that it was a one-year promotions when that was never said.

Could I have phoned to perform an update because I received a new DVR services quote? First, our distribution and client services could not find the new offering. Had it not been for the fact that this was the only cable firm registered in the house I lived in, they would have been long gone.

Could anyone tell me that the cable operators are really being accused by the regional television channels of broadcasting the channel? I was almost misled by Well Charter because I thought it was another outfit. Returning in the later 2000' s, I got cable and web charter from Charter and the set of facilities was fine. Trouble arose when I stopped servicing and gave the device back.

You tried to bill me an astronomical amount for gear I had already given back. Eventually, after many phone conversations and fierce debates, the issue was resolved and I said to myself, "Never again will I apply the Charter! "Quickly after 2016 and a young woman who knocks on my doorstep to say she was at Charter and now they have "no treaties and are a Time Warner Company.

Everything was fine again and everything went well until I chose to "cut the cable" and choose a stream pack with another one. Calling and asking to stop on June 7, I sent all their devices back via UPS on June 8.

It would take a little bit of getting the gear back and getting the money back, but I had no clue that I would be awaiting the money back today. First call I made was on July 26 when I was informed that I still had their gear after the system.

I was then informed that they would have to investigate this restitution before a restitution could take place. When I was asked to talk to a superior, I was informed that this would escalate and I would be recalled within 24hrs. Because I never got that call on July 27th.

On this occasion I was informed that a cheque had been sent and that I only had 3-5 working day. On August 9, I phoned another superior and talked to him, who said that since the gear was only picked up on July 26, there was a 2-4 week turn-around and it was only two (2) of those were.

When you have choices for your web and TV broadcasting needs, use them! I' m so sorry I ever sign up for Spectrum TV. Almost every single fucking night I have problems. We' re out of duty 2-3 hours a week. You call and get a record. They think that you save your life, but pay for many problems.

So what happend to Spectrum? Very good workmanship. This is the lowest level of support ever. I' m having problems with my telephone line for 5 whole day and I'm a pizzeria. I have a telephone line repair and nobody can repair them for 5 working hours and nobody can tell me when they will be repaired.

You said just sit down and hold on. Somebody who leaves a notice for the manager tells me that the manager will call me back in 45 minutes, but the manager never calls me. On August 2nd, August 3rd, August 4th, I gave 3 work orders for technicians who come to my place to look for the problems.

Nobody showed up all those 3 nights and 3 work orders were placed on Saturday I get a call from shipping and she tells me the tech is coming on Sunday mornings. Maybe I can make the changes and oh my God, I have never in my whole lifetime ever known her.

It looks like she wants to battle me on the telephone. I' m paid $200 a months for the services. TERRIBLE SERVICES. Spectrum's happened. Since more than 10 years a client and the price just keeps increasing! Web is slowly, no longer ready to take it that I did everything two nights ago!

First, the gear and charter related activities, compared to the other businesses I have used (Cox, Eatel and DirecTV), are far behind their rivals, especially considering that it is the most costly business I have ever had in terms of subscriptions per month. Second, the ministry itself is untrustworthy.

On two occasions last fortnight alone I witnessed full cable and web failures, the longest of which took several long hours. I' m having problems with my DVR services all the while. Every single and every instance I've spoken to them via their telephone number is a tough one, and often their support representatives are impolite and all seem poorly educated; I can speak to one about a problem and learn one thing (e.g., "That's what needs to be done to solve that problem"), call back an hour later, and learn something quite different from what the first one said to me about the same problem.

Altogether Charter is the absolutely worse cable/internet service I've ever had. Charter/Spectrum and TW I have now for 2 years for TV and web. I have been doing well and have not had too many rate hikes, but now I have been moving into an area they do not attend, so I have cancelled my bank statement and am now trying to give back their gear which I have taken today at least 4 hours and 8 telephone conversations with contradictory information.

Though I wanted to give them a proper evaluation, they have really squandered so much of my precious little bit of my precious life that they merit to know. When they tried to return their gear, they first explained that I could take it to any UPS Retail store, and even without packing it, they would take it from there as they have specific arrangements with UPS.

UPS Retail said I should get a delivery location, not just a barcode, because they can't see their barcodes. 8 telephone conversations in all, all asking for the same information and all with contradictory information. "One gave me a UPS shop 42 mile away and said it was only 10 mile away.

The first said that they could get a native to pick up the gear in a few days, and the next said, "No, we can't do that. Selling around and finding that Spectrum seemed to have the best deals about ATT and others. Well, this is a caveat for anyone who chooses the Spectrum packet.

First I was told that the plumbing was free, although I had to add two rooms as I had no cable ducts in two of them. Telephone clerk said there's no problem. Once the technician came, he set up the telephone line and a link to my master lounge TV.

" I' ve been telling him that's okay and please make plans for the installation. There was a packet scheme for all their ministries, which should have been about 120 per year. And with all the extra cost, it ended up 140 a months. Took the next leap up, which turned my bill into 170 a months.

Pretty good, I guess, for telephone line and TV. Didn't want the telephone. Well, I got in touch with her and took out the telephone because I didn't need it. because I wasn't on the parcel schedule anymore. Eighty-five with the fastest web they offer.

On the phone, I tried my best to get along with their client services and I was said there was nothing they could do and the prize was the one. Before moving, I was a client of Cox, now known as Suddenlink, which I know has been chartered for over 20 years and never had this horrible rip-off facility.

I' m still only using their 100 per months web when I quit Suddenlink, it was 79, but I don't care about paying a little more, but the speed is the same. Now that charter have suddenlinks, it's most likely the same. Now I have DirecTV that has more to boast for only 80 months.

I' d make a ten-year agreement with a supplier if I knew exactly how much a given months would be. You take them for every cent you have and don't provide a solution as I suppose they think they have a lot of new client to charge. However, I am just praying in good times that there will be more competitive conditions in my region, because it is a disgrace for businesses to use their services.

I' ve been calling Spectrum to update my services. You gave me a period between 3 and 4 and said that it would be $99 for upgrading modems and technology would have to come out to improve my Businessgrade service. She said that I work in big life networking groups and that she had to send someone else.

that the technician would call me 20 mins before I arrived. At 3 pm I phoned technical assistance and a woman said the technician was allocated and would call. Nobody phoned at 4:15. And so I phoned back and they went to another division. I' ve spent the whole fucking day just waitin' for her to tell me it's her doing it, but you're S.O.L. It got a little funny after a while when her ministry phoned to find out how the ministry went.

The Spectrum doesn't give a fuck about the clients they have. So if you have another alternative in your area, go with them because, as I said before, Spectrum is a horrible business. The Saw Charter offers a better range and quicker web services. Change to charter and immediate regrets. About $159 for the web install, another $50 for the first one.

It disconnects every 15 min. every night. More than 8 calls were made to support each and every 20 minute wasted on the automated system. Got call 911. Eventually resolved to terminate the ministry after the first months, because the internet does not work at all. I' ve been talking to several operatives about my charter bankroll.

Package 00 per capita for simple cable and 1 Showtime canal. You pretended it was a "personal problem" now. I always had a bad client relationship at Charter Communications in Brevard County Florida, which included a plumber who was lying that he showed up and "missed" us when no less than six of us were in the small building all morning with the front doors open.

So when I told the cable firm, nobody I talked to took care of. Last I looked at a conversation box and waited 75 mins for someone to answer, whereupon I shut the call. they wanted to charge me $5 to talk to someone.

More recently, Charter blocks 90% of the contents I view on my Fire TV set. They told me the trouble was with the Amazon servers, if they told you, don't believe it because now I can get a VPN subscription and see more TVs and films than ever before.

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