Bbj 787 Interior

787 Interior fittings

Then the aircraft goes to an execution center, where the interior is designed and installed. Airplane interior designed by Studio Jacques Pierrejean. Probably the most famous selling point of the Dreamliner VIP is the enormous interior.

V-VIP BBJ 787-8 delivered by Greenpoint

v-vip bbj 787-8 to Kestrel Aviation Management Kirkland, Wash. - July 18, 2016 - Greenpoint Technologies supplied a Boeing BBJ 787-8 (msn 35309) V-VIP interior to an unknown residential customer, representing Kestrel Aviation Management. The first BBJ 787 V-VIP plane to be built by both sides and unveiled at EBACE 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland, it will be the first BBJ 787 V-VIP plane for corporate, helicopter and aerospace use.

System business with the Aerosystems Business Group, at Through Kestrel aviation managment Inc. Headquartered in the State of Washington, USA, Kestrel Aviation Mangement is an aerospace consulting firm that provides government, business, airline and wealthy family consulting solutions. Kestrel has over $50 billion in airline operations and many years of business and business jet expertise, making Kestrel a strong winner for our customers in the areas of assessment, purchasing, sales, engineering and modifications as well as strategic and executive consulting.

BBJ 787 Boeing Executive Airliner Interior Photography - Business Traveler from Australia

When you can park one of the world's most sophisticated airliners in your hanger, why choose a pint-sized personal jets? This is clearly the philosphy of a very well-to-do leaflet, which a Boeing 787 purchased as a privat jets. It is a tailor-made variant of the Dreamliner from the Boeing Business jet business units, hence the name " BBJ 787 " - and it is designed from head to toe individual and corresponds to the humble taste of its new owners.

"With this BBJ 787, we are entering a new period of business air travel in terms of luxuriousness, convenience, innovation and style," says Stephen Vella, CEO of Kestrel Aviation Management, who turned the naked Boeing 787 into a fluffy personal jumbo plane. Nearly twice as long as the Boeing standard Boeing commercial jets, and with three base areas, the Dreamliner's tailor-made interior was designed by Pierrejean Design Studios in Paris, who previously worked with both large business jets and luxurious oceanliners.

A Boeing 787's listed cost starts at $225 million (AUD 300 million).

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