How much would a Private Plane Cost

What would a private plane cost?

Every jet for sale contains a year, make and model, and many have photos of the jet aircraft itself available. That may be true, but the situation is different for everyone. A lot of buyers decide to buy a used aircraft in order to save costs. Featuring so many different options, you are sure to find the price that works for you. Question is, would a private jet be a better use of public funds?

What does it cost to buy a private plane in India for?

An used smaller plane like the Cessna 152 will cost you about 60 llakhs. The Cessna 172 second hands cost 80-90 leaks. More recent versions will cost 2-3 croares. Well, a jump train will cost you more than 200 croares. They can get a used two-seater 6-seat 2 rupee aircraft and a new six-seat aircraft will cost 25 kr, if you want a plane, then the cost goes up to 220 kr. light.

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And above that. However, the government of India has introduced so many regulations and procedures for aircraft operators that it is hard to own a aircraft in India.

What does it cost to get the Secretary of State to go?

Johnson said this weekend that he "probably" needs a plane to help him fulfill the Foreign Minister's responsibilities. However, would the so-called "JumBoJo Jet" be good value for your investment? What does it cost to get the Secretary of State to go? Mr President, we have asked the Federal Foreign Office to tell us how much it will cost to take Mr Johnson around the globe.

The Federal Foreign Office's figures show that Mr Johnson made more than 50 foreign journeys last year - about half of them using the Royal Air Force's service, which then charges the Federal Foreign Office for the outlay. Johnson used some 16 tours in 2017 by fully or partially using airline companies for his travels.

There is no full breakdown of the cost of all these journeys. However, we know that the journeys during which Mr Johnson only used the RAF's service cost the Foreign Office an estimated 4,266 pounds on eight. Statistics also contain information on how much was expended on Mr Johnson's entire journey, covering accommodations, food and flight costs.

For example, we know that 3,831 was spend on Mr. Johnson's brief visit to New York in April last year. From this we assume that the Ministry of External Affairs has spend a good 19,000 on the journey. Using the available information, we estimates that Mr Johnson's division last year invested a whopping £350,000 in his overseas outings.

What would a private plane cost? Would a private plane be a better use of government funds? Mr. Johnson's most inexpensive private aircraft available - the Cirrus Vision jet - could be for just $1.96 million (£1.5 million). You then have running expenses for fuels, crews and servicing, which amount to 155,000 dollars a year (about 120,000 pounds).

Measuring only 4.1 ft x 5.1 ft, the cab has room for five adults. We are not sure whether this would satisfy the needs of the Foreign Minister. How about a slightly larger one? A Learjet 75 offers space for nine people - enough for the Foreign Minister and a small group.

Liberty jet, this special aircraft would throw you back 7 million dollars or 5.25 million pounds. Then there are the ongoing expenses, which would amount to just under 900,000 per year for 400 flight hour. More than ten years, inclusive of acquisition cost, even this relatively small aircraft would cost taxpayers £14.2 million.

There is room for 14 people, but there are charges. Something over 7. 1 million to be exact, plus running cost of £1. 4 million a year. It would cost about 20 in a ten year period. Born Johnson has proposed that he might need his own plane because the RAF plane he has direct contact with is often in use.

According to the best available information, we currently estimates that the Federal Foreign Office is spending about 350,000 a year on Mr Johnson's flights. One of the lowest available private jets would cost £1.5 million. Yearly operating cost would be around £120,000. However, it is very small and would not have the coverage that Mr Johnson needs to achieve important goals around the globe.

An nine-seat Learjet would cost 5.25 million pounds and just under 900,000 pounds a year to service. An Embraer Legacy 14-seater aircraft comes in at 7. 1 million to buy and will cost 1. 4 million pounds to wait a year. The cost of servicing one of these aircraft would even be twice or three times higher than Mr Johnson's present travelling expenses, not to mention the cost of buying the aircraft.

There is no way we can see how Boris Johnson could get his own plane as foreign minister without sharply raising the amount the tax payer is spending on his overseas trip.

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