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and the new unit was called Spectrum. Yacht Charter Communications - 44 pictures & 351 reviews - Internet Service Provider - 6246 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA - Phonenumber

absolutely the FIRST customer service I have tried to give back a cable mailbox for my neighbor (92 and Krebs in HOSPICE); chartered I HAVE a speech record entitling me to give back the cable mailbox and consent to the agent. They' re saying now that they don't approve and they won't do that and since I'm NOT the CUSTOMER... I can't do that....

Awkward -- impolite... even superintendent Shenika was so awful and awkward that I understand now - they have no consequence for a poor service at Charter.... WITHOUT CABLE - you'll be better off! It will wait 40 min to get credits if one of your service fails.

Can' believe how they handle their clients. Yet another week-end more lost connectivity. Terrible thing ever. Time and again the world wide web goes in and out. This cable only goes up to a 1080i solution. I don't want a charter! ý This firm is sucking on commodities, service and prices, they keep raising the prices, paying twice for telephone and Internet what other firms boot, soon I will be packing them up and replacing them with a better firm as with commodities, service and prices is better.

KEEP AWAY FROM THIS FIRM. Even if you are living in Texas, this firm has made a deals with some lessors for housing and industrial properties, it is a must for you, a part of the tenancy agreement for twice the costs you will be paying alone, it is not fair for us and their competitors, it will tell you something about their corporate code.

Poorest ISP/TV service in the state. I have never in my whole lifetime been so tightly bolted on by a "service provider". Firstly, the speed of the web was consistently low and television was sporadic and without explanations. In order to make it even better, they will trick you if you quit their "service" and say you haven't returned your gear.

Charters suck bullets, but there is not much you can do about it since they are generally a monopoly. There is not much you can do, because charter always pushes the price up. More and more Spectrum/Charter has the poorest customer service because they don't give a damn! I can' wait till the cable's gone. DON "T USE CHARTER. they use the old lures and counter policies. my $99 bundles bill is $130 for service we didn't want. Commission-based agents will be adding bundles without your knowing and you won't get your cash back. You'll be getting drunk on the telephone by speaking with a superior who's skilled at painting the steal in different colours but still steals it. Robbers I'm telling you. All the 1-star reviews are real, they're so insincere.

Unfortunately, I am living in an area where there are no other cable operators. The charter is. Charters seems to know this and exploits its monopolistic status by being insensitive, inefficient, uncompetent and above all impolite. PLEASE NOTE: Most of my problems in the past were with TV & web service, but I also had problems with my mobile device.

I have had about 50 service trips and probably twice the number of telephone conversations since we returned to our home 4 years ago after our renovation. The TV image had wires or certain TVs would go in and out; the web would separate all the time - up to 10-12 x a single night; our telephone had no dialling sound and would fall out.

We even had a 2-week cycle in which we had 10+ planned service calls! After 5 DVR speaker changes later, we have put our service into operation. We sometimes have in-house charter engineers and sometimes we have sub-contractors from third parties. Approximately half of the visitors resulted in our cable boxes being kept open in the back yard and bolts being spread on the floor.

Few engineers knew how to do anything other than turn off the cable junction boxes or modems, which is like rebooting a computer. I ended my commercial cable TV schedule, so I phoned to see if I was qualifying for new promotion or to see how I could get my bill muted.

Quite exactly, I chose to stop the charter afterwards, but had to research my choices. Once I recalled Charter to get a break down of my bill, so I had something to compare it with. So when I rang again, the next agent on the telephone pointed out that we had been billed $19.99 for several cable speakers for 2 years when we only had one.

Said she could change me to the singles flat that'?s $8 less. Next Charter official said that there was no mistake on their part and that they were not obliged to inform me that a better tariff was available. And even if they have no commitment to tell me about lower rates once I found out that I thought I should be eligible for some more of my back cash.

When you have charter, make sure you call them as often as possible or at least every 30 trading day to make sure your settlement is accurate. UpDate: After the installation of Disk, I phoned Charter to terminate my service. There is a complete absence of coherence among customer service representatives (both in their willingness to help and in the broad array of services they offer), which is frustrating and astonishing.

When you have problems with your service at home, I can see how this could affect further frustration in the stores, resulting in poor ratings. I' ve bought WiFi with charter in the last few years. All right, well, web speeds were fine, but not great. And I know it's not my TV either because I used to have service from another supplier and it was quicker.

Spektrum / Charter gave me a lot for the first year, but then prices went up to $59.99 per month. Thank you very much. Then recently, my installment increased up to $65 a months! The Sonic seems to have the same speeds sernet I got at Spectrum/Charter but for only $47. 35 a months and it does include a telephone line!

I have now cancelled the service with Spectrum / Charter ($65/mo) and my home management with Spring ($10/mo) and save almost $30 per months with Sonic! When you pay too much for WiFi with Spectrum / Charter, I strongly suggest you try Sonic! Do not try to hand in your modems at the Charter / Spectrum Shop in Sylmar.

You couldn't take mine even though it's your firm! It appears that Charter and Spectrum have been merging companies, but they still have to do so in all their branches. You have to be really slowly, because I only know you as Charter / Spectrum. One more thing when I phoned her to finish service after I got the new service with Sonic, the bloke said if I remained he could tap $20/mo off my bill for 12 month.

Nearly three years after my last review and this business is still the BIGgest JOKE! Fault after ROKU 1 & 3 Spectrum streamed fault codes. They' ve increased web costs by $20 now. 65 bucks just for the intern. You' ll be spending 40 mins on the telephone trying to get your bad service to work.

Yes, I disconnected my modems. Then, because the automatic service can not solve the issue... yes I, I will transfer to a real person whom I can give a brief overview of their work. Personally, I adore how CHARTER SPECTRUM drives by and allows you to actually evaluate the company!

You already know they'll be rating big bold ZERO PRODUCTS! SHIT TLE: I LOATHE CHARTER SPECTRUM! WORST COMANY. THIS IS WORST SERVICE. I' m sorry for the staff who are dealing with angry clients like me every day. Had it not been for the fact that Charter Spectrum has a local right of way, I would have dropped this firm like a baked potatoe!

Goodbye and good liberation charter spectrum. Unjustifiably you increase your rates, have long waiting periods and inefficient account managers. Fortunately, they are open on Saturdays and Sundays, so I can call and canceled my service. Actually my service experiences with Charter Internets were okay, but the rates were just too high.

Yet, the Kirsche on top was the discourtesy of Glendale memory when I went to retrieve my modems. Eventually one of them summoned me. "Coworker #1 who phoned me about a smile while coworker #2 looks up and says, "You need to log in to the computer (points) and we'll call you when you're done.

" In the course of this swap another former customer came in to give his things back. And then he joins the group by following my side that this service is a humor and they are so impolite. Having made a few more comments to them, I went out and said, "I'm so happy that I'm done with the Charter.

Charter, you gotta pull yourself together. This service is only good if you use live connections, but with WiFi it's up and down. You will stop the service at random for service without notifying you in writing, and you have no clue when the service will be available again.

Then it took over 3 week and continuous phone conversations and I still couldn't get my service line in. Because I need to do my job on the web, it shouldn't take that long. Slightly better than it was charter, but now that Spectrum has purchased it, the service level has dropped significantly.

I' m trying to be kind here, but it's just not bad society! Terrible thing. I' m trying to be kind here, but it's just not bad society! Terrible thing. I' m trying to be kind here, but it's just not bad society! Terrible thing. I' m trying to be kind here, but it's just not bad society!

Terrible thing. And on September 4, 2017, I phoned TWC Spectrum because I got an e-mail saying that our rates had risen to $75.99/month. I can' t get this payment from my wife and daughter, but they didn't want to go to AT&T. Talked to a sales rep who said the prize was very high and that he could bring our exchange to $59.99/month.

I received a great prize last year from a TWC agent on the telephone, only to find that he was not awarded and that there was no recorded quotation. Based on this expertise, I have this year connected with a TWC Spectrum agent on-line to verify the quoted pricing.

Said I'd have a prize certificate with this album. All I want to do is make sure that the cost is $59 and not $75, otherwise I have to call again and cancel:( Ankur S.: No, it won't be necessary. When we had TWC, I once got a prize and then he wasn't awarded, so now I always make sure.

performance period: But next months I did get a new e-mail from Time Warner Cable Spectrum informing me that our bill is going up, not down, as advertised. And the new prize we got was $80 a barrel a month. Really? Checking our account history to determine that we have not been credited by the firm as advertised.

On September 27, I phoned back and talked to Omar, Operator IDxx. Mr Omar explained to me that the rates had not risen to $59.99 as advertised because we needed a new modems to make the pricing effective. Said that a new one was " on its way " and that we would return our old one with the same one.

And he also said to me that because we used our own WLAN and didn't have to hire anything from TWC Spectrum, our rate would be $5 lower - he offered me $54.99. Said that this prize would be mirrored in the past 2 month and that we would get a $20.97 reimbursement.

Said the work order would be closed if we had gotten the modems on Saturday, September 30. Asked for a track # for the modems, which he said he couldn't deliver, but to be confident it would come; he said there was a 2-3 days warranty on Fedex.

Mir was said that our present bill would reread $34. 02 to show our rebate and our new exchange of $54. 99/mo for the next year. We have written down in detail a note about our whole interview, basing on our own experiences that we have not obtained any price or service promises. Well, we never got the damn mod.

Nor have we seen our $54.99 guarantee on the website or a $34.02 bill. Course not restated. We' ve been wasting 5-6+hrs ( at least 2+ every year this year) on making telephone conversations and chatting with on-line agents just to find out that TWC Spectrum doesn't even bother about what their on-line folks say or that Ankur S. guarantees our prize.

Spectrum even refuses to give me the indicated prices with an Omar TWC-ID. Talked to a super by the name of George today and the best prize he could have offered was $64. 99, so let's switch to Sonic now. I had to lodge a claim with our credential firm because they billed us for two month after the return.

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