Best Airline Interior

The best airline interiors

Patrick Smith talks about the best aircraft to fly and the worst, as well as the best commercial aircraft and the best passenger aircraft. Threshold positions in cargo holds of airlines? Air travel passengers' experiences Once again this year, the airline industry impressed us with new cabins that go beyond the boundaries of styling, improve our market definitions and bring high levels of convenience and styling to the passengers area. While we prepare to turn the page on 2015 (and look forward to all the fuss that will come in 2016), we stop to think about some of the best cab launches of this year.

We added two real Premier Economies - which shook their market - to our team. There has been the implementation of enhanced convenience in our classic luxury staterooms (Business and First Class) and a very tasty relaunch of our name. A number of carriers have also been involved, using smartcabin designs to add passenger-friendly qualities to their new state-of-the-arts.

These are our best airline interior choices for 2015 (in Alphabetical Order): At Alitalia, the company included Morocco in its relaunch of the company's flagship product, Etihad, by launching a cab interior that is as full, smooth and lightweight as the best Italian cuisine. Simple elegance in the booths completes the open and breezy ambience of the Dreamliner.

The interior of Air Canada is equipped with passenger-friendly functions that will amaze and inspire you. Americans took a courageous leap forward by becoming the first US airline to launch a fully sophisticated luxury cabinset. It' s clever and discreet styling will attract both pros and recreational travellers and fits well with the airline's interior in the remainder of the plane.

With the introduction of a three-class stateroom, British Airways has crossed the boundaries of Dreamliner styling with one of the most luxury and high-tech staterooms launched by any airline this year. Finnair's A350 designs promise the best from the North and the end result far exceeds expectation. Distinctive, individually styled, this cab is absolutely precious.

The Dreamliner interior of KLM's passenger-friendly Dreamliner has given a contemporary accent to genuine bluish Netherlandish cuisine. Korea Air New prestige category. The SAS was the first client for Airbus' A330-300 Extended long-haul jet engine, which features the highest level of Denmark's designer comforts. This long-awaited 4th cab category is the decisive factor in differentiating brands and products and gives ambitious commercial pilots something they should pay more for.

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