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Individual amateur aircraft are built by individuals and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as experimental amateur built (E-AB). Experimental aircraft are aircraft that have not yet been fully tested in flight. Latest on experimental and homemade aircraft news and technologies, including aircraft ratings from experienced pilots they know best. Find out more about the construction and flying of experimental and light aircraft as well as aviation news, VFR flight planning tips, weather charts, library and much more.

Self-build aircraft & self-build aircraft sets

The focus is on what we call The Sprit of Aviation, and that is a spirit that is present in everything we do. Join the most enthusiastic fellowship of pilot and aerospace enthousiasts! Regardless of which area of aeronautics you are in, you will find it here.

No matter what your interests, no matter what your objectives, we will take you in the right directions and show you that your flying dreams are much nearer than you think. Go on a free trial airplane ride and explore the next stages to becoming aviator. Self-built airplanes have been around since the motorized era.

In-house builders use their own skills and craftmanship to build safer and more effective aircraft. Airplanes and the corresponding sports driver certification make aviation simpler, more affordably priced and more approachable - not to speak of having a good time! As a sports-pilot you experience the liberty of aviation. The Warbirds of America affiliation links you with other Warbirds of America fans, conservators and aviators.

It works untiringly to keep air travel stories afloat. The VAA affiliation links you with other enthousiasts, restaurateurs and aviators. Being an IAC member means connecting you with other enthusiastic people, building owners, drivers and rivals. Their rejection of the ATC's privatisation plan resulted in its cancellation and brought General aviation a win. Browse this information and resource to make your next trip as secure and rewarding as possible.

The only thing you need to do is get excited, have an interest in air travel and want to be able to communicate that interest to other members of your church. Browse and be influenced by the tales that come from each chapter of the whole land and the whole globe. Eagle Flights introduces grown-ups to the flying industry.

You will be able to create a memorable unforgettable event in our unforgettable environment. You will be able to create a memorable unforgettable event in our unforgettable environment. It is your place to follow all the aeronautical activities in our schedule that interest you. Promoting a cultural heritage of learning, security and fellowship, we give you the opportunity to indulge in air travel regardless of your interests.

Every months get wallpapers with amazing airplanes and vibrant images. Every months your computer records a trip when you load down wallpapers with amazing aircraft and live images. Enjoy with us an memorable adventure on board one of the few still flightable B-17s in the can. Bringing back a period in which the magical force of aviation amazed and enchanted the whole universe.

So, the greatest thing that concerns you might be: "So what can I look forward to on my plane? So, the greatest thing that concerns you might be: "So what can I look forward to on my plane? "Take a look at what you'll see when you make your Young Eagles flying. This is a podcast for those who are flying for loving reasons or who are just intrigued by the fascinating flying universe.

Watch a selection of video clips, complete with aircraft construction tips, instructions, features, interviewing and more. Now is your opportunity to earn a monetary award by presenting an inventive answer to the challenges of General aviation. Particular places like the museum's founding wing and other tributes on our campuses like the brown arch, the compass hill and the memorial give wing to innumerable aeronautical dream and successes.

AIRVENTING provides our business associates with a unique platform to present their product and service to the most enthusiastic aerospace consumer.

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