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Reviews for Charter Communications, "longues heures" Longer working hours that have to be reversed on the way home to get back to work or do more on demand. Hours of no regard for senior managers. Quit making it so competetive and hear what your staff say to you. Charter is a good business with great advantages.

You' ll get a car to take with you, free cables, free access to the web and health care. Working many hours, working in filthy homes, dealing with those who know nothing about cables. Coupling humans would also make the work twice as quick and probably have a lower fluctuation rate.

Big benefit, constant timetables, high payment and good guidance. Payed trainings, corporate vehicles and corporate tooling. Long hours of opportunity, sometimes even downside clients. Tough hours, long hours, understaffed, low wages, low business records. Nice folks! I' ve got a lot of lessons to schedule. Services and remuneration are reasonable, but usually better for the MSO' s in the area.

There are enormous opportunities to get to know various facets of the wire and cable industries.

Spectrum of charter: Latest on NY's effort to take out the wireline.

ALBANIA - Perhaps New York and Charter Communications are pressing the break buttons in their harsh, ambitious battle. Governments' public service authorities approved a two week deadline for the hard-fought wire services firm to present an opt-out scheme due to a lack of high-speed connectivity.

Under the Charter, the State Agencies accepted the invitation to postpone this date until 9 October. "The PSC is delighted to have prolonged this period so that the Charter can protect its statutory right while we pursue discussions," the firm said in a declaration. Both sides' remarks suggest that they may have weakened the linguistic hook and may be looking for some kind of solution rather than force the Charter to abandon the state.

"The Charter would allow a brief prolongation period for talks between the Charter and the Ministry prior to the commencement of further committee or judicial procedures by the Charter," the Charter texted to the Comission. August 1 Charter approved advertisements that the state described as deceptive about Charter's New York web site and signalled that it hoped for a trade-off.

"All of us look forward to solving any issues currently contentious with the PSC in the not too remote future," Charter said after discontinuing the advertisements. Andrew Cuomo, calling the ruling to end the advertisements "a move in the right direction" for Charter. Cueromo was a singing contestant in the quarrel with Charter.

Last months Public Service Commission approved the withdrawal of its 2016 Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable agreement, saying it had failed to achieve its goal of extending the provision of service to disadvantaged areas of the state. The state gave the Stamford, Connecticut-based firm 60 working days in which to come up with a plan to hand over its business with more than 2 million New Yorkers.

It fought back against this via online growth and fought for the company's industrial action with IBEW Local No. 3, which represented around 1,800 blue-collar workers in Greater New York City and has been on strikes for more than a year. It has also expressed its disappointment on NY1, the New York City newscaster.

Thomas Charter CEO Thomas lauded Rubleledge to complain if New York continued to try to force it out of the state, and contradicted the state's claim that online growth was sluggish. "Because we have labour problems in New York City that we believe have politicised the PSC's activities, we are worried about them," said Mrutledge.

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