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If our private jets are booked for a one-way flight, the return journey is considered an "empty flight" as there are no passengers on board. Blank leg personal jet. Saved up to 75%. Empty Routes" means flights which are to be operated without a passenger when the aeroplane returns to its basis or is prepared for its next operation elsewhere. When you can move fast, an empty leg can be very practical.

But if you planned to move forward this way, you could jump aboard the empty leg and cut up to 75% of the costs of a traditional personal jets charters.

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Vacant leg flights make travelling with a personal jet more accessible.

As far as most of us are concerned, aviation is more about business aviation and business aviation than luxury personal jetliners. However, this could soon be changed as empty flights become more and more common on the world stage. Remember, every single night tens of millions of private aircraft are flying exclusively to clients around the world.

From Nice, the aircraft has to move to Madrid to reach its next planned pick-up date, and this is exactly where empty feet come into play. Often these transfer flights are not sold - so often that privately owned airlines have relied on them to sell the transfer flights for a small percentage of the regular fare, resulting in cost reductions of up to 75%.

Yes, we say that you can travel in a privat plane for 75% less than normal privat planes. To clarify it, we would like to point out that personal flight is more convenient, safer, more personal (obviously) and less frequent than flight with the remainder of the passengers, as you only have to arrive at the terminal 15 min before the flight.

Now you can do it for almost the same fare you would be paying for a business trip. An empty stage destination, for example, from New York to Fort Lauderdale in an eight-seater Learjet 60 aircraft currently costs 10,300 US dollars instead of 22,740 US dollars. Tickets still cost almost $1300 per capita when the aircraft is full, but that's a drop of about $2800 per capita.

Along with the increase in the number of empty flights, various web sites and applications have been created to make it easy to find and reserve these flights. How do you find and reserve these secret flights? The JetSmarter pretends to provide the user with extensive wireless application support to gain entry to the world's biggest privately owned aircraft tradingplace.

It is not only intended for empty flights - passengers can also make regular charters here (with 15% to 25% savings). For those who specifically want to take full benefit of the benefits of relocation flights, the application offers the schedule of over 3000 privately owned planes to provide 2500 idle flights per months at retail rates.

You can use the application to narrow down your results by starting and destination airport, multi-day journeys, and even by airplane type and airplane ages. There is an on-line news centre with 24/7 technical experts for your assistance and you can even use your own portable phone to make payments for your flights. It is not compulsory for travelers, but JetSmarter's $6999 (!!!!!!) per year subscription opens a saving and reward scheme that can help travelers make more personal flights, whether with or without an empty route.

However, making a reservation via an apartment is not the only way to get empty cross-country flights. The PrivateFly website allows clients to look for flights directly on the website or via their application, so those who are careful not to pay the fare at the push of a single key on a smart phone do not have to remain on the ground.

PrivatelyFly provides a worldwide lived fleet of over 7,000 airplanes for charters and flights can be scheduled within 90 min, with clients in the past having to work through agencies that only had a small fleet of privately owned airplanes. PrivateFly sells all kinds of aircrafts, from small turboprops to executives and passengerliners.

As we watched, Fly offered empty feet all over the globe. There were flights from London to Hong Kong, Zurich to Tokyo and Moscow to Beijing, as well as a barrel of sightseeing tours between dreaming destinations in Europe. Victor, another website, has nearly 9000 members who are already buying for personal flights.

See here a complete listing of all available empty routes and can customize your journey around your transport if you wish - there were 99 empty cross country flights across Europe when we did our research. In fact, while you' re searching the results, you can see a picture of every available aircraft in the air - that's great.

Naturally, it takes a little perseverance and fortune to find your ideal idle speed, especially for those looking for specific flights detail. It is recommended that clients looking for empty stages are agile, willing to make last-minute bookings and travelling in groups to keep the cost of the trip as low as possible.

Finally, you have to rent the whole aircraft, so if your group can occupy all the places, your per capita cost will really go to rock bottom. A location, JetPartner, says if you can't find the desired aircraft, they'll look for other clients with opposite schedules and bring you together as a JetPartner.

Perhaps you are asking yourself: "What about the way back? "Well, that's one thing empty-legged can' reallyffer. You have to organize another airplane for the way back, because if your personal airplane would be available for a way back, you would not book an empty route.

So, in principle, there should be idle flight possibilities on your radars when you book. Never know when the star will line up and your perfect travel route will coincide with an empty leg.

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