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To search for this flight combination, please visit our homepage. You can find our best rates at a glance. ( All fares shown are for return flights, all taxes and charges included). At SAA we pride ourselves on offering the best possible fares to passengers from all over the world. It allows us to get the best rates and pass these savings on to you.


Find the cheapest available fare for your trip and make your reservation for the best rate. Explore our tourist resorts and let yourself be surprised, from cheap stays to the best seaside vacations. With Wizz Tours you can make flights and reservations with your friends and partners and save your precious holiday experience times and costs. Make your reservation via and get 10% of your reservation value back as WIZZ-account.

Make your reservation today and get 10% of your rent back! Over 100 itineraries from the airports to your doorstep. Booking taxis and busses! Saving up to 60% - make a reservation now! Explore and enjoy the best sights and tour with the best guaranteed prices. You can skip long rows and conserve your precious work.

Sightseeing flights - Best price guarantee

Exercise price difference - minimal values: We' ll give you up until 12:00 the same night to look around and see if you can find a better SAA strike price* on any other website or third-party website*. A third provider's website must show an official location in the same countries as your fare purchase (e.g. if the fare is in South African Rands, the official location must be in South Africa).

When you find a lower tariff (which you won't do), just request it below. Wherever you see our Best Fare Guarantee symbol, you can be sure that we have the best fare available.

Worldwide Travel Management | Business Travel Specialists

To help our customers make sure they get the best fare available for every reservation, we have developed and built the Fare Finder. That means either the cheapest possible fare for the selected fare or a lower fare for the same fare in a better category. Fare searches on Galileo - the global distribution system we use to choose and reserve flights - and we work with the customer to choose the best route for the trip, taking into consideration favourite airline companies, itineraries, trip data, timetables, etc.

Then we calculate this route with Galileo to make sure we have the best fare (also the best fare in the above class). It will also determine whether company prices are available that may not be known to the customer. Our specialists are looking for other ways to reduce the costs of this tariff.

Then we go to the Fare Finder to do automated checking - and we do that every single and every single trip we do. - First, the Fare Finder performs up to 16 concurrent Galileo queries to ensure that we have taken into account every possible fare mix for that one. - Second, the Fare Finder performs an automated search in web-based reservation machines (e.g. own web sites of airlines or aircraft aggregators).

In this way it can be determined whether there are "web-exclusive" tariffs which we may not see at Galileo. - Thirdly, the Fare Finder interviews several overseas tour operators. If these rates come up, we can make them available for sale as usual. - Fourth, the Fare Finder will check if there are other schedules of the same carrier and the date of the initial route.

Assuming that they are, and the rates on these flights are lower, we can talk to the customer about whether he wants to change to get a lower price or whether he wants to stay on the original one. The current fare finder only lasts about 15 seconds. This is what we do every single and every trip we look for, about 150 trips a given working day. Every trip we take, we do it all the same.

It' re a good idea to do this to get the best possible fare for a route, because we find that 30% of the times we use it Fare Finder actually finds a cheaper fare than the initial route. The Fare Finder is Global Travel Management's tool to ensure that every times a customer makes a reservation, we have done everything we can to get the cheapest fare possible.

Like to say: We never miss a fare if you want to make a reservation.

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