Best Private Jets on the Market

The best private jets on the market

This is where companies like Hopscotch Air come onto the market. So the images you see are for marketing purposes only. Many private jet companies are already active in the Chinese market. He was awarded "Best Private Jet" by the American magazine "Robb Report".

Which is the most beautiful private plane?

And the best looking plane is the one that is available, full tanked, with no mechanics and operational when you are. I' m not trying to be sarcastic, I'm tellin' you some real. Now I know what you're asking, and I've seen some responses here that I concur with, but please remember that you'll never (99.9999%) see a plane with its equipment up during the flight.

The images you see are for promotional use only. I even saw planes on one side that had been cleaned and buffed. Third, the inside is the most cool part as possessor and passengers, not an enthusiastic. An old 737, with 1000 hrs on it, but a beautiful inside will inspire you... with bedroom, office and shower on it.

A few costly planes have a small hold and you can't bear to take a leak in the wash-room. Imagine a large vehicle that is difficult to enter and leave, but beautiful, vs. a converted vehicle, with fluorescent paint, soft toys, beautiful monitors, etc.... I want an extravagant automobile, and I don't want the truck.

Okay, I really do... but... just append this point. Your extravagant automobile can never be seen outside the hanger. and still your van. All your guests and your friend know is that you have a small vehicle (exotic) or a large comfortable one ( Conversion Van).

Chances for the China Jet Industry

Private jets are part of the general aeronautics sector and are important for the evolution of the general aeronautics sector. General Aviation's aerospace sector in the United States is the most advanced, with some 224,000 private jets, representing more than 78% of the world's population. China's private jets market is full of possibilities, but the number of private jets is only about 200.

A recent China survey shows that there are about 825,000 multimillionaires and 51,000 millionaires. In the near term, it is expected that more than 300,000 individuals will become prospective buyers of private jets. Sadly, for private jets providers it is not the revenue of the domestic user that has hindered the growth of the private jets market in China.

Legislation and policy on private jets are far behind those of other advanced nations and hamper the growth of the private jet industries. Chinese-style control of its low-lying skies is strict. Everyone who wants to make a cross-provincial trip must request a permit a whole week ahead, which makes private travel rather unpleasant.

Moreover, the shortage of private aerodromes also hampers the growth of the private airline sector. Low quality private jet charter needs only a 10 metre radial runway and a 20 metre long runway. There are, however, less than 10 private default destinations in China in comparison to 20,000 in the USA. At the end of 2009, however, a new China Civil Aviation Administration survey identified fifteen new General aviation policies that open up new possibilities for the private jet market.

This action under China's 12-year plan shows that the authorities are in favour of the general aeronautical sector. Expert opinion is that a more open deep air space policies in China will contribute to the flourishing of China's private jets sector and the creation of the necessary infrastructures for the provision of private jets by China's people.

Many private jets are already active in the China market. Cirrus, supported by China Aviation Industry General Aviation (CAIGA), introduced a new model - Vision SF50 - and became the first Sino-Foreign jointly designed airplane. Cessna also worked with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) to design Citation and Caravan, two new airplane models.

Lots of China VIPs already own private jets. One of the most illustrious personalities is Jackie Chan. Its private aircraft, Legacy 650, is very luxury with an individually designed galley, noise-insulating appliances and an extra-large boot. He was awarded "Best Private Jet" by the US Robb Report newspaper.

Liu Tao is another well-known person who has a private plane. In addition, the growth of the private jets sector will boost all related sectors such as air traffic control, airports, private jets, air transport education, airlines, aircraft servicing, life and health insurances and much more. Expert estimate that if the size of the private jets market can reach 5 percent of that in the U.S., this will yield an economical gain of at least 100 billion rubles a year.

Soon the private air transport market will become an important point of China's economical expansion and will continue to be an important factor in the air transport industry's further expansion.

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