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On-line travel bureau because of bad influences without security check

Bestjet on line travel agent is at loggerheads with the Australian Federation of Travel Agents after loosing its credentials due to the obvious impact of the owner's spouse. Founded by the spouse of the unsuccessful head of airlines Michael James, the on-line travel agent is at loggerheads with the Australian Federation of Travel Agents following the loss of his account.

AMFTA declined to extend Bestjet's subscription because Mr. James obviously had an impact on the discounted airfare market operating from a small Brisbane bureau. Rachel James recorded Bestjet with debt of $100 million two week after the breakdown of her husband's Air Australia (formerly Strategic Airlines).

However, the airline's collapse in early 2012 also resulted in the arrest of thousands of overseas passengers, who were forced to change reservations with other airlines to get home. Ms James refused to acknowledge that her husbands occupied a senior position at Bestjet, but worked as a "tariff and price analyst" from November 2013 to December 2015. Anxious to prevent the publication of the AFTA ruling until an objection could be filed, Bestjet applied for an interim order from the Supreme Court against the Federation, but was unsuccessful.

It was told that Ms. James thought that the company's lack of credentials would be detrimental to the company and Bestjet's image in the sector. However, in a 40-page verdict, Judge Peter Applegarth said: "Provisions allowing EFTA to exclude certain candidates from being accredited could be considered sensible and in the general interest".

"Regulations that protect against poor business governance and business failure in the travel sector benefit the consumer and the state. The judge concluded by saying that his ruling not to uphold Bestjet's request for an interim order should not be seen as a win-win situation. Ms James described the ruling as "disappointing".

Besjet looses in fight for ATAS credentials - Travel Weekly

Queensland's Supreme Court has rejected Bestjet's request for an interim restraining order to stop the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) from complying with its ruling not to extend its ATAS credentials. During March, Affirmative Action Event (AFTA) affirmed that it would not re-run the on-line trader's on-line trader certification despite an "extensive complaints procedure" as it was not able to meet the ATAS Charter requirements, in particular section 2.5 "Close Associate".

On Tuesday, however, Justice Applegarth declined to issue the restraining order, with Air Force quickly confirming that Bestjet's ATAS credentials had not been extended. "This ruling comes into immediate effect and Bestjet Pty Ltd has been struck off the APTA member roster and is no longer ATAS accredited," said APTA in a declaration. High Court.

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