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No matter what your water taxi needs, don't hesitate to let us know how we can help you! transport of water Working for 18 years in the open and in secluded places in Alaska, Dave has 20 years working life on locally sourced water. An all-year Homer inhabitant, he has worked for the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Games, led aviator fishermen on secluded streams, commercial fishing in Cook Inlet and Bristol Bay, and led big-game hunters to elk and bus.

The Blackfish, our main ship, is a 24' inflatable jetty with indoor seats for 6 people. Descending slope makes leaving the ship on the shore simple and secure and the ship is handicapped access. Black fish can transport 2 medium size 4-wheeled vehicles, heavy machinery, tractor, wood or whatever has to cross the water.

Because of the volatility of petrol fares, all fares are liable to extra charges if necessary.


By kayak, walking, mountain bike, soft fruit harvesting, yurt trekking, camp on the beaches or on a picturesque wild animal trip through the arch. There are many trails to take you to Jakolof Dock for hill walking and cycling and to many trails for return hikes/runs or point to point hikes/runs. The Bonnie Ann is one of the few water taxi cabs in Kachemak bay that can serve large groups and is a USCG certificated 18 passengers vessel with a folding step stern.

Billy Hawk is a 6-person shore boat that is ideal for shore boarding, the transport of canoes, paddles, bicycles and cargo of all sorts. Billy Hawk makes stranding a cinch. No matter what your water taxi needs, don't hesistate to tell us how we can help you! Kachemak Bay State Park Trails by water taxi:

Beach kayak, China Poot, Glacier Spit/Saddle Trail and Jakolofock. There are many different walks and descents you can take with the water taxi. The Glacier Spit to the Saddle Trail is a 4 hour drydock minimum (including water taxi time). It leads you to Glacier Lake and offers a view of Grewingk Glacier and is a 3 mile long lake.

Mileage can be added by streetcar over Grewingk Creek and/or Alpine Ridge on the way to Saddle Trail. The Humpy Creek to the Saddle is a great trailer run without too many big heights. That' about 6 nautical miles from Glacier Lake.

Kayak Beach is a fantastic, rough 3200 -foot walk with a difference in altitude.

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