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Clinical evaluation for the approval of taxi drivers by. Medicinal demands on taxidrivers To qualify for HCV or private rental driving licence applications, you must complete and file a medical survey filled in by your own family doctor or another doctor who has had five years experience with your medical files. The medical registration will be sent with all documents.

Claimants must arrange an interview with their family doctor and must make the necessary payment. Doctors are asked to certify that the claimant meets the Group 2 medical standard established by the Driver and Vehicle Registration Authority (DVLA). See the medical standard review section for medical standardization. Claimants must provide: the above-mentioned medical certificate, in which the family doctor must certify that the claimant is in compliance with the Group 2 medical norms for diabetic patients; in the case of insulin-treated diabetic patients, a note from a clinical adviser certifying that the course of dialysis has been ongoing for at least four consecutive week.

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The Hinckley & Bosworth Borough County must be able to ensure that all chartered taxis and private riders are in good medical condition. To evaluate the medical suitability of a person, the Medical Advice Board shall apply the standard requirements for a DVLA Group 2 driver's license that require a higher medical suitability than a normal driver's license.

What do I do to set up my physician? You can download our medical registration sheet below or request it from the licensing team. You should take it to your family physician as he has full medical records. Filling it in by someone who does not have it may result in a delay in your job interview.

Opticians should perform the examination of the eyes on the questionnaire. These medical reports cannot be provided free of cost as part of the national health service, so you are obliged to cover the doctor's fees. For the first application for a cab or private driving licence, you must complete your medical registration forms and submit them to us.

Do I have to see a doctor how often? DVLA Group 2 medical devices must be replaced every five years up to the age of 65 if they are replaced every year without an annual overage.

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