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Cabin Service Tariffs

We firmly believe that customers do not have to pay unreasonable prices for excellent service when they need a ride. Checker Cab Company offers high quality transportation at competitive prices if you are looking for a taxi in Los Angeles. Auto Service Prices - Limousine Prices - International Airports

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Auto service and transportation rates for Brooklyn, New York Metro Area and airports

The Eastern Metro provides an accessible transportation service in the New York City Metro Area, which includes Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. In the following you will find a listing of our tariffs and prices for our additional benefits. Our wait time tariff is valid for all wait times our drivers have to make before or during an order stop.

It is not an issue of the per -hour-package. Each job is given a 5 minutes extension before the wait begins. Each stop will be given an additional 5 minutes before an additional wait begins. In order to receive rates per hour, at least 2 lessons must be reserved. There is a final deadline of 10 minutes for all round trips before additional delays apply.

Roundtrips is a service from point A to point A and back with the same rider. When you need a RETURN RIP, please make a separate reservation to prevent delays. All our chauffeurs and/or dispatchers will endeavour to get in touch with the client a few moments before the planned pick-up date.

In the event that no call is made 10 mins after the planned pick-up period, the order will be deemed a no-show and the client will be billed a no-show fee. In the event that a client does not terminate a journey within the specified period, Eastern retains the right to invoice the client for the full price of the journey.

Any changes and/or cancellation must be made no later than 1 hours in advance of the planned pick-up period within 5 Boros. Planned pick-ups outside the 5 Boros must take place at least 6 hrs before the planned pick-up period. It' perfectly for the traveller who wants a chauffeur to leave the vehicle and pick it up at his arrival point.

Drivers carry a label with the passenger's name and help with any baggage. Additional waiting times, car parks and toll fees may be incurred with this service. Drivers come pre-installed with the desired car seats.

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