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In order to check your PNR status, search for PNR on the website and click the "Click here" button. New Arab website launched by SriLankan Airlines In order to further expand its regional footprint and underscore its world-class service throughout its entire regional and international networks, SriLankan Airlines has created a special Arab website to better educate and connect with prospective travelers in the Near East. Nearly 25 percent of all travelers in the Sri Lanka Near East segment, which is made up of travelers for pleasure and pleasure in the Near East, use the Arabic-language website as a vital means of reaching and informing the Arabic-speaking public.

The site, which is periodically upgraded with the latest special offers, package tours and tempting vacation offers, is extremely well received along with its German edition as the area prepares for the main tourist seasons.

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SriLankan Airlines Limited (hereinafter SriLankan Airlines) has created this website in good faith. Please note that SriLankan Airlines Limited (hereinafter SriLankan Airlines) has no influence on the current and future design and content of this website. SriLankan Airlines makes no representations whatsoever about any information, product, service or resource made available through this Web site and does not endorse or make any representations about it. Any such information, product, service or resource is provided "as is" and "as available" without guarantee of any kind.

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By using this website, you consent to SriLankan Airlines being indemnified and undertake not to defend SriLankan Airlines for any claim arising out of your use of this website. SriLankan Airlines or its licensees own all trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, database right and other proprietary right in the material on this website and the organisation and design of this website together with the accompanying sourceware.

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If SriLankan Airlines, in its sole judgment, believes that you are in violation of any of these provisions, we may refuse you entry to this website without affecting our statutory or other remedies. At any time and without prior notification SriLankan Airlines may make changes and/or enhancements to the product, service and pricing described in this website.

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The SriLankan Airlines uses a secure website for the transactions of the transmitted personally identifiable information. We will only ask you to submit your personally identifiable information when you use the Site's interacting goods andervices. The SriLankan Airlines is entitled to use, duplicate, publish and/or disseminate the information, idea and know-how in your feed-back without restriction and for any use.

SriLankan Airlines' transportation of passenger, luggage and freight on SriLankan Airlines flights on overseas flights is governed by the SriLankan Airlines Passenger and Luggage Conditions of Carriage, Contract Conditions or Freight Conditions of Carriage and other important notices. These are the complete conditions for your accessing and using this website.

There may be segregated agreements associated with goods or sevices that you obtain, buy or use through the Site. Please refer to the respective product or product information or contact the relevant provider for further information. Use of this website is governed by the law of the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and you hereby consent to the irrevocable and non-exclusive adjudication of the law of Sri Lanka.

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