Kani Lanka

Cani Lanka

"During our stay in Kani Lanka in October/November we had a great time. Flee a Kalutara Hotel where the Kalu Ganga River flows into the Indian Ocean, you will find AVANI Kalutara Resort, Sri Lanka. Now Avani Resort, Kani Lanka - Review of AVANI Kalutara Resort, Kalutara, Sri Lanka

During our Christmas Eve Flower, my man and I remained here - obviously an unbelievably costly season to attend, but the resort was very well dressed and we had a great Christmas Eve pool shower night - this was one of the best hi-lights of our Christmas Eve we had.

LHR's 10 hr ride was followed by an extra 2 and 1/2 hr trip along a so-called B-road, so we were very fatigued and fatigued when we arrived - brilliant - a lovely overnight the next day. Our motel was conscious that this was our Honeymoon and we had one of the 6 available Suite bookings.

At 7:30 a.m. being awakened by heavier hammers crushing the schist tile was nothing we wanted to see on a 'Luxury Honeymoon'. Well, from a technical point of view, we were charged with lying - fine! It really influenced our stay there and wrecked our honeymoon - I wouldn't suggest this place because they don't look at their visitors in that way.

This means that when we left the room to stay at the swimming pools, it was nice. Located right on the shore, but to get to the shore, you have to pass all the shore guys hanging over the small wood wall and stare at you in your bikini, asking if you want to see tuk-tuk; zarong; touring; watching the dance ape; paying for a snakes charms or a rub.

Taking a beautiful little walk on the shore isn't simple - unless it's after 6pm when you've gone home. Even the shore itself has large gold sands, so it is smooth, but the ocean is very harsh and not really suited for bathing. Dining at the guesthouse is always full-bodied and has a curry/traditional Sri Lankan optional; there is also always a continental optional, plus different topics every evening.

Eating is good - I wouldn't say it was overwhelming, but I can't complain about it. One of the main reason why we have chosen this place is because it is located on a promontory between the sea and the rivers, so there is plenty of rain. An excursion I can suggest is a visit to the Yala National Park - it is awesome!

In summary, if I was still in the tourism business, I wouldn't suggest this place as a place to go for a honeymoon - go to Barbados. It' beautiful at Christmas season as they party it in the hotels (decoration, carolservice, crib and Father Christmas) and is a beautiful place for a frequent vacation.

When you travel to Sri Lanka, you are definitely going upcountry as you will see the breathtaking scenery and the "real" Sri Lanka.

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