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Accessible volunteer flights In order to make sure that IVHQ volonteers have round-the-clock acces to accessible relief flights and assistance, we work with a dedicated and experienced staff of relief personnel to make the volunteering travel reservation procedure simple and budget-friendly! Specialized in providing tailor-made routes for international volonteers, our airline travel agent ensures that your flights are arriving and departing in accordance with your IVHQ voluntary programme.

We can also make reservations for these flights if you wish to go before or after your programme. What makes you think you should choose IVHQ for your flights? Charges for volunteers - Gain special pricing for volunteers through select airlines that offer low-cost changes, additional luggage and cancels.

A route for your trip - When you make a booking through our airline partner, your trip information is updated to your MyIVHQ account so we can schedule your pickup directly with your nearest MyIVHQ office. Travelling with other volonteers - travelling alone? As our staff books flights for the vast majority they will do their best to place you on flights with other IVHQ volonteers travelling to the same programme.

When you share your experiences of voluntary work with your host families, group, or just your loved ones, our staff can make sure you're all on the same air. Individual Routes Tailored to Your Travelling Plan - If you want to go before or after your voluntary programme, just let our staff know and we can create the best route for you.

Our expert staff - Our staff knows the IVHQ volunteering programmes inside out and can make sure that you get to and from the nearest IVHQ volunteering area. Air fares around the globe - If you want to go to more than one IVHQ volunteering programme, we can offer you the best routes and offers for your trip.

As soon as you have signed up for an IVHQ programme, just ask for a quotation using the reservation tools in your MyIVHQ profile. You will receive a personal offer from our staff of flight assistants within 1 working days. Prepare yourself for a volunteering assignment abroad, we will help you every single way!

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